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Yumen oilfield operation company set up an operating platform for oil wells"

Yumen oilfield operation company set up an operating platform for oil wells"

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  China Petroleum Network News "Chen team, underground stuff up, the photos I have sent to WeChat group, what to do next?""

  "Great, wait a minute. I'll see what I got first, and I'll be there."

  In November 8th, Chen Quanzhu, a technical expert at Yumen oilfield operation company, looked at the overhaul of the well 102, and then saw an object like sucker rod coupling from the WeChat group. This is the overhaul of Shi Ping 2, a few kilometers away.

  At present, Yumen Oilfield, Shi Ping 2, long 102, Qing 2-25 and other wells are being overhauled. Although the number of wells is small, it is the most difficult to test workover personnel technology and experience. In order to ensure the smooth construction of workover, Chen Quanzhu's main task is to run every day in the field of workover, provide technical guidance for the underground at any time "Difficult miscellaneous diseases".

  At the same time, there are dozens of oil wells in the Yumen Oilfield every day in the ordinary workover construction. These wells need technical guidance in case of complicated downhole construction. And Chen Quanzhu and other departments where only three or four people, the problem can be dealt with at the scene every day, there are only three or four wells. If there are difficult problems to solve, the construction schedule will inevitably be affected. To this end, Yumen Oilfield operating company thought of the most popular WeChat platform.

  In the past, many oil well problems were understood only by telephone and statements. However, many underground telephone calls are not clear at all, and many problems that can be solved in advance are delayed after they see the report. And now, all the key aspects of workover operations, we have to take photos on WeChat evidence, not only for the workover construction to leave data, but also allows technical personnel to participate in the timely consultation".

  Today, the overhaul WeChat group brings together Yumen oilfield operation company technical experts, engineers, team leader, technicians and other more than 60 people, providing 24 hours of technical services for workover problems. The establishment of WeChat group will share the important links of workover operation in time, which not only improves the communication efficiency between construction personnel and technical personnel, but also provides an effective reference for timely adjustment of underground construction.

  When there was no WeChat, many problems were found too late. Now, as long as the WeChat group open, where the problem is serious, where the problem is urgent, at a glance. Of course, the efficiency of our solution has been doubled." Chen Quanzhu said.

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