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What is TBM ?And how to buy TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant?

What is TBM ?And how to buy TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant?

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With the development of the national economy and the continuous progress of tunnel construction technology, some long and large highways, railways and hydraulic tunnels have broken through theoretical design problems and have been put into construction. Such tunnels often have large faults, large deformations, strong rock bursts, and water inrushes. Complex geological features such as, extremely hard rock, etc. have brought great technical difficulties and risks to tunnel construction. Full-face rock tunnel boring machine (TBM) and Bored Pile Desanding Plant is widely used due to its safety, high efficiency and complete mechanized supporting facilities. Construction of tunnels with complex geological conditions at home and abroad.


What is TBM?

TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)and Bored Pile Desanding Plant, a full-face rock tunnel boring machine, is a large-scale special equipment that relies on the hard rock cutter head to rotate and break the rock, tunnel support and slag discharge are carried out at the same time, and the full section of the tunnel is formed at one time. TBM adopts high-tech achievements in the fields of machinery, electricity and hydraulics, using computer control, closed-circuit television monitoring, and factory operations. It is a complete set of equipment that integrates excavation, support, slag removal and transportation. The use of TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant construction has made a qualitative leap compared to traditional drilling and blasting construction in terms of tunnel formation, construction progress, construction safety, construction environment, project quality, etc., or in the configuration of human resources.


What are the types of TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant?

Traditional TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant models are mainly divided into three types: open TBM, single-shield TBM and double-shield TBM. The main differences are: open TBM adopts anchor, net, and shotcrete initial support technology, and cast-in-place concrete secondary lining. The full ring segment lining is not used, and the support boots provide the propulsion reaction force; the full ring lining segment is installed synchronously during the tunneling process of the single shield TBM, and the propulsion reaction force is provided by the installed segment; the double shield TBM shield includes the front Shields, telescopic shields, support shields and tail shields can be provided with two forms of tunneling thrust, support boots and tube segments. In the dual shield mode, tunneling and segment assembly can be realized simultaneously. For open and shielded TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plants, there is a risk of jamming under the conditions of surrounding rock collapse, convergence and deformation. Compared with the open TBM, the shield type TBM has a longer shield length, a higher probability of jamming, and a relatively greater difficulty in releasing. In view of the problems of large faults and large deformations in TBM construction, open TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plants are currently used.


What are the characteristics of the more widely used open TBM?

The open TBM and Bored Pile Desanding Plant is mainly composed of a main engine, a supporting system and a rear supporting system. The main engine is mainly composed of a cutter head, a headstock, a shield, a driving system, a main beam, a propulsion system, and a rear support. It is responsible for tunnel excavation and support . The supporting system includes the supporting system in the L1 area and the supporting system in the L2 area, which mainly provides initial support and lining for the rock wall after the main engine excavation is completed. The back is equipped with hydraulic power stations, transformers, power distribution cabinets, cable water pipe reels, dust removal ventilation equipment, etc., to provide power, wind, water, electricity, gas and other guarantees for the construction of the main engine, and provide other auxiliary construction.


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