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The two oil recovery plant in Xinjiang is equipped with spiral gas anchor for single well, and the oil production is remarkable

The two oil recovery plant in Xinjiang is equipped with spiral gas anchor for single well, and the oil production is remarkable

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  China Petroleum network news, August 4th, Xinjiang oilfield two oil production plant fourth oil production area T85236 well, 1.4 tons of oil production, compared with the same period last year, production increased nearly 3 times. "This is the result of installing screw gas anchor under the mine," explained Mao Beibei, an employee of the operation area.

  This year, the two production plant put forward production ideas: "both the big and small movements."

  "We combine the present situation analysis and comprehensive analysis of a single well to dig out the potential productivity of each well." Fourth oil production area engineering director Zhang Mingwu said.

  In the first half of the year, the factory carried out a comprehensive analysis of a number of test wells that showed leakage, and screened out some of the oil wells to improve the bottom hole production by installing other downhole devices. Such as T85236 by the obvious effect of gas well, because the wellhead rod packing is easy to cause the dry grinding, leakage, oil leakage, replacement of the packing work frequently, put forward two proposals: the operation area with spiral gas anchor and increasing submergence. They concluded that after the gas anchor was added, the gas could be separated from the liquid into the pump cylinder and increased the submergence to ensure sufficient liquid to enter the pump cylinder. It was a double insurance measure to eliminate the influence of the gas.

  The measures were immediately seen after the implementation of the T85623 well. The report shows that the daily production of the well reached 2.4 tons at the highest, and then gradually stabilized. An Chunli, the staff responsible for inspecting the well, is more direct to the installation of the gas anchor: the rod is no longer hot and the packing is no longer leaking.

  The measure sounds simple, but the plan is not simple.

  Fourth oil production area measures gang Xu Guangping introduced, take the downhole installation of spiral gas anchor, to determine which wells need to install gas anchor, and no quantitative indicators to judge, according to the experience of all previous work experience inference. Such as high water content, insufficient liquid supply, it is not suitable for the installation of anti gas device. Therefore, before installing the gas anchor measures, a large number of well history and geological information should also be consulted.

  T85426 wells shut down in July 2015 because of double leaks. Before shutting down, daily output is 0.4 tons. In April this year, before pumping measures, Mao Beibei in the analysis of well history information, found that this well oil and gas ratio and other geological conditions ideal, so put forward the proposal to install gas anchor, the results of a generous return, Nissan peak of 4.4 tons. Up to now, T85426 well has accumulated 105 tons of oil increase. "Such measures do not increase in cost, but they do.". "It's really a good way to add oil," Mao Beibei said.

  According to statistics, as of now, the first half of the fourth oil production area of the plant has 34 wells, such as a spiral gas anchor or a multi-function three-phase separator, etc. the total oil output has been increased by 1371 tons.

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