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The temple of gas storage volume of over 6 billion cubic meters

The temple of gas storage volume of over 6 billion cubic meters

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  Chinese oil network news as of October 10th, the temple of gas storage cumulative gas injection exceeded 6 billion cubic meters, there are 11 wells on production of gas injection, gas injection of about 7 million 400 thousand cubic meters.

  The temple of gas storage were put into operation in June 29, 2013 and for the first time, gas injection, gas injection production cycle began in March 31, 2017 fifth. As of October 10th, the cumulative gas injection over fifth cubic meters of 1 billion 400 million cubic meters.

  Since the beginning of this year, gas injection wells dynamic monitoring and analysis of strengthening the temple of gas storage, to ensure the safe, stable and efficient gas injection. In order to find out the gas storage well plugging, monitoring wells and injection wells and production operation rules, Xiangguo Temple gas storage wells, plugging strengthen monitoring wells and injection wells downhole pressure monitoring, timely adjustment of monitoring and inspection system according to the bottom hole pressure; numerical simulation by using the technology of gas storage well, real time monitoring and prediction of bottom hole fluid pressure distribution.

  The temple of gas storage and management to strengthen the operation analysis of compressor, gas injection to meet the needs of gas reservoir engineering. According to the daily analysis and tracking to monitor the operation condition of the unit, the temple of gas storage units to carry out 8 consecutive domestic valve trial work, and the filter separator compressor group pipe and equipment for nitrogen purge, reduce dust to wear compression cylinder, reduce the compressor failure rate and power guarantee for the safe and stable gas injection.

  The temple of gas storage to strengthen safety management of pipeline, building leadership, technical personnel, engineering, pipeline protection lineman and information "4+1" patrol mechanism, take the brick pile with height, collocation method, optimization of pipeline marks, prevent third party construction damage and local pipelines; build three level defense system, build the safety of pipeline corridor, to provide security for the stable gas injection.

  The temple also built storage capacity optimization stage Kuda gas injection scheme, according to the upstream network operating pressure and flowrate, compressor operation, the injection wells gas injection, gas injection combined with the next task arrangement, take batch production operation system, not only to complete the annual gas injection task according to the plan, and implement security scientific gas injection, provide sufficient gas for the gas recovery period of winter and spring.

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