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The principle, structure characteristics and advantages of drilling fluid vibrating screen

The principle, structure characteristics and advantages of drilling fluid vibrating screen

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  Drilling fluid shaker is an essential oil of mechanical equipment, today we introduce the characteristics and advantages of the principle and structure of drilling fluid shaker, let everyone know more about how to choose drilling fluid shaker.

  The working principle of the mud linear vibrating screen: when the vibrating screen is working, the two working motor rotates synchronously and reversely, so that the exciting force of the exciter is generated. Thus, the screen box drives the screen screen to do longitudinal movement, so that the objects on the screen net are excited by force and periodically throw out a range, so as to achieve the function of sieving the objects. It can be used in solid phase separation of drilling fluid, and also can be used for classification of coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials and chemical industry.

  We all have this experience: when the automobile turns, a man sitting inside the body is inclined to turn to another direction, here is the centrifugal force, vibration sieve is to work according to the principle of inertia vibrator is made. People in the eccentric shaft is provided with a body vibration motor drives the rotation of the eccentric body is have an outward force, as on the bus who provided the greater the mass eccentricity, axial distance farther, shaft speed is higher, the greater the centrifugal force. Unlike the car is turning, the eccentric body is doing circular motion, the force is continuous along the circumferential direction of the vibrator, this is, it will be appropriate, proper installation position of sieve machine, screening machine can drive the circular motion, circular vibrating screen is produced.

  The two eccentric body mounted side by side, let him the same speed and synchronous reverse rotation in the horizontal direction, the force produced by the same size and the opposite direction, so we can cancel each other, and in the vertical direction of the force is the same direction, the same size, so add, this produced a linear vibrating screen this is the working principle of linear vibrating screen.

  The role of vibrating screen in solid control of petroleum: it not only separates larger solid particles, but also creates conditions for the next set of solid control equipment. Therefore, on the one hand, the amount of treatment is required, on the other hand, solid particles are required to be treated as much as possible.

  There are three kinds of motion forms of drilling fluid vibrating screen, which are circular, elliptical and linear. Each form of motion is generated by the vibrator in the center of gravity of the system. The vibrator generates circular motion at the center of gravity of the system, and the oscillator produces elliptical motion above the center of gravity of the system. For elliptical motion, the screen must have a slope to facilitate the transport of cuttings. However, the screen inclination will reduce its sieve capacity. Linear motion is to put the vibrator above the center of gravity of the system, so that the screen frame produces linear motion, thus eliminating the solid phase. The linear motion has a fixed conveying speed of cuttings, and the screen surface can be flat or slightly inclined.

  The structure characteristics of the linear vibrating screen and elliptical vibrating screen and the advantages and disadvantages: by improving the vibration sieve index can be effectively separated from the drilling fluid solid particles, but also affect the life of the vibrator box and the screen and the screen was designed based on the elliptical vibrating sieve, sieve box in elliptical vibration and continuously decreases from every point for throwing index at the entrance and exit, and sediment transport rate did not change, so as to improve the processing capacity of the drilling fluid and the separation effect, the biggest advantage is that the elliptical vibrating screen.

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