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The oil and gas production situation in Daqing oil field is stable

The oil and gas production situation in Daqing oil field is stable

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  - domestic production of 25 million 409 thousand and 800 tons of crude oil, 2 billion 867 million cubic meters of natural gas production

  - water flooding potential, two accurate reservoir chemical flooding technique for important progress

  The proportion of a "high yield wells - the highest level since 12th Five-Year.

  China oil network news as of October 18th, Daqing oilfield first oil were tested for 56 wells, 61 wells, check with sealing test for 17 wells, 12 wells, open operation treatment of 5 wells, high quality and efficient completion of tasks for the party's nineteen with a gift. In the first three quarters of this year, the oil and gas production situation in Daqing was stable, with 25 million 409 thousand and 800 tons of crude oil produced domestically and 2 billion 867 million cubic meters of natural gas produced. The nineteen great gifts of the party to the party with high morale and solid work in Daqing.

  Since the beginning of this year, Daqing oilfield adhere to the "good benchmark banner" as the fundamental follow - up, inherit and carry forward the spirit of Daqing iron man spirit, take the initiative to bear the difficulties, and all the work smoothly to the good.

  To promote the production and operation, to achieve a comprehensive profit. Daqing oilfield, further strengthen the austere life hardships, very careful in reckoning continue to force, to further promote the expenditure, lowering the efficiency of work, material costs, energy consumption costs listed part of key cost control, non listed part of the business conditions further improve.

  Consolidate the resource base and achieve important results in exploration. In conventional oil, tower 52, tower 48, dragon 60 and other wells for Nissan 30 cubic meters of industrial oil flow, the proportion of high yield wells record "the highest level since 12th Five-Year. In the production of tight oil, the effect of large scale fracturing on straight wells and horizontal wells is obvious, and 5 wells such as ping 20 and other wells get industrial oil flow, and new progress has been made in the economic and effective utilization of difficult to recover reserves. In the aspect of natural gas, the new strata of the Shahe formation, Yingcheng Formation, the basic volcanic rocks and the new uplift of the central uplift belt have been breakthrough, showing a broad exploration prospect.

  The scientific organization runs smoothly and the oil and gas production is orderly and stable. Daqing oil field always tightens the string of production, and the oil and gas production runs smoothly according to plan. The situation of underground oil becomes more stable, development indicators continued to improve water flooding rate, annual water rise plan were lower than the natural decline, low cost not yield increased, three oil yield is higher than the operation plan.

  Sustainable technological innovation, key research progress is smooth. Daqing oilfield in the "13th Five-Year" major science and technology projects for the lead, small and micro structure of fine interpretation of fault identification, high resolution processing and recognition, amplitude preserving dessert deep horizontal well drilling and completion technology for complete and perfect, effectively guide the exploration practice. In Daqing oilfield, the technology of water flooding precision tapping, two types of reservoir chemical flooding, polymer flooding and three types of reservoir enhanced recovery technology has made important progress, which has effectively supported the business development.

  Daqing oilfield achieved good operating results in the first three quarters. Even Japan, cadres and employees to seriously listen and learn from Xi Jinping on behalf of the eighteen Central Committee made a report on the work of, don't forget the heart, temper endeavour, to further clarify the fourth quarter ahead row tasks and work plan next year, to further increase efforts to accelerate the pace of overall grasp and promote the implementation, efforts to complete the established early assessment indicators. To have a complete answer, make more contribution to "a good benchmark banner, hundred year oilfield construction".

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