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The management of fine drilling footage of a new step

The management of fine drilling footage of a new step

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  Chinese Petroleum Network News (correspondent Hou Hongli) as of July 12th, the Karamay drilling company drilling has drilled 238 wells, 193 wells completed in an open, 69 wells, multi play footage of 114 thousand and 500 meters, 600 thousand meters to the year of footage.

  Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the annual production and management objectives, Karamay drilling company staff continue to accelerate drilling construction speed, improve production and operation efficiency.

  Since the beginning of summer, the focus on fine management of the company, from the aspects of improving drilling efficiency and reduce the accidents, overcome the formation of high temperature and high pressure, strong abrasive, poor drillability of the complicated situation, firmly grasp the production decisions, daily operation, the scene of 3 key points, firmly grasp the key construction links, do the key work of advance planning and routine work ahead of operation, problems of advanced treatment.

  At the same time, in view of the key wells and directional wells and horizontal wells and complex wells, the company through the "three" of the "four place" focuses on improving the construction quality and speed up the construction progress, to create brand construction efforts in technology management team requirements do underground clear and tangible, technical measures, remember the post responsibility share clearly, and do the job responsibility to put in place, the technical measures are in place, put in place, the standard management of well trajectory quality in place in each well in the process of construction.

  With the temperature rising, the company prepared Huoxiangzhengqi water, essential balm, watermelon, mung bean soup and other food and drug for front-line staff, security department and project manager for the Department of field staff on high temperature health knowledge, to ensure the health of employees, reasonable arrangement of construction.

  The company drilling team according to the design of each well inverted schedule, take seriously the construction of each well, and strive to refresh the index, hit the boutique. 70515 the first slim hole horizontal well CHHW2108 drilled in the No. 21 well area of the car is completed 4.96 days ahead of the design period. 30639 drilling team in five, 2, east well area 52264 wells successfully achieved "4 day."". 70215 teams in the North MDHW101 salt well construction of 4 wells, hit a new record of 618 meters per day. 40534 bearing drill drilling team in construction of T87417 well, day footage of 801 meters, a new record of eight region Urho's daily footage refresh.

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