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The Kazakhstan company has exceeded its annual operating target

The Kazakhstan company has exceeded its annual operating target

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  China oil network news, reporters from the Kazakhstan company leading cadres meeting was informed that the idea of corporate innovation and development, and vigorously promote quality and efficiency upgrades, the first half profits of $360 million, a cash contribution of $380 million, exceeding the annual comprehensive management index.

  Since the beginning of this year, the Kazakhstan company to turn the concept of control, investment, cost reduction, strong foundation, check the risk and achieve low cost and steady development as the goal, from the internal control to improve the investment cost of external business environment to improve the efficiency of development, from the investment business to enhance the quality and efficiency of the overall interests of the company group development, from the grasp of the current production and business development to plan the sustainable operation.

  In face of the policy restrictions on the sale of oil products made by the resource countries, Kazakhstan company promotes the selling price by improving the net return price. The company has with the Kazakh government and enterprise level platform to communicate with the oil and gas cooperation to promote local, full liberalization of oil prices, driven by sales push the price of crude oil sales; in accordance with the direction of optimizing the ownership structure, to maximize revenue; open up sales channels, Tuergai project Uzbekistan Kashagan project in Siberia oil pipeline and the outlet channel. The use of competition mechanism to reduce the direction of Europe export discount, sales revenue increased to 500 thousand tons; Russian oil substitution projects on the Chinese side Hannay sales, export share of oil to higher income. Sales push on the price of resources and take measures to make the company's management efficiency has made breakthrough progress in the first half of the net return to the domestic crude oil price rose 62.3%, the net return to the comprehensive price rose 42.4%.

  Kazakhstan Chinese Petroleum Company will enhance the overall interests of business in Kazakhstan, as an important aspect of quality and efficiency upgrades, make full use of the holding or joint management, Chinese financing, technological advantage and other conditions, driven by engineering construction and engineering service units coordinated development. The main focus of the project chimkent refinery renovation projects, the Chinese team EPC contracting, geophysical prospecting, drilling operation in China occupy the dominant position. In the first half of the year, the amount of work undertaken by Kazakhstan's 14 service units accounted for 90.3% of the equity investment. At the same time, the company tried to solve the problem for the service units, timely loans, Kazakhstan before the devaluation of the currency to pay the project, the service unit to avoid exchange losses of over 200 million U. S. dollars. In close cooperation with the fraternal units, small family homes "to their own profit at the cost to take Kazakhstan oil pipeline drop fee income, incremental processing, and for the government on crude oil export quotas and other measures, in the oil refinery power station. At the same time, to promote the Kazakh government to solve the Sino Kazakh gas pipeline project, a large amount of funds, joint venture, cooperation, approval and other major issues.

  Actively carry out the "resource, supply, efficiency, brand" four articles, and strive to build a "four in one" and "Belt and Road Initiative" core oil and gas cooperation zone, Kazakhstan company to upgrade the quality and efficiency and promote sustainable development.

  Since the beginning of this year, the Kazakhstan company has made great efforts to promote the implementation of key projects such as the postponement of petroleum contracts, and has made substantial progress in the construction of the core oil and gas cooperation zone. In early June, signed a "memorandum of understanding" the petroleum contract extension with Kazakhstan in the Department of energy, contract negotiations are actively promoting efforts, Kazakhstan oil and gas cooperation to create conditions for another 20 years; Kazakhstan oil and gas interconnection network to further improve the system; implement all cost controllable "concept in each and every link in the project the cost of oil and gas production, compared with the peak period is reduced by more than 60% companies, rate of return on net assets, rate of return on investment than 2015 were improved significantly, significantly improve the quality of development; Astana Academy of dance as a symbol of a number of public facilities, the benefit of local people, promote the people's livelihood and social development, is widely praised, the mainstream media and the local government society.

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