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The Great Wall drilling team GW59 footage broken twenty thousand meters

The Great Wall drilling team GW59 footage broken twenty thousand meters

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  Chinese Petroleum Network News (special correspondent correspondent Ding Lei Liu Zhen) in July 13th, two the Great Wall drilling company Chad market came the good news, GW59 drilling footage exceeded 20 thousand meters, ranked first in the market of the Great Wall chad. HSE advanced collective and advanced individual title and many other honors from Chad overseas returned home, the party director praised the team is drilling a tenacious style, good sense of service team. This is the Great Wall drilling, drilling two companies fine management achieved good results.

  In 2014, under the influence of the international low oil price environment, the team discontinued production and equipment was sealed up. At the end of 2016, Party A decided to resume development operations, and GW59 team won the favor of Party A for its high construction standards, fast drilling speed and strict safety control, and once again entered the Chad market.

  The GW59 team cherish hand work, to ensure smooth production and construction, at the beginning of the resumption of production, adhere to the advance organization, planning ahead, prepared in advance. The equipment from the archive to move to the first export production wells PhoenixS-3 wells, the team held a mobilization meeting in advance relocation, making moving operation procedure. Large to the order of moving goods, small to pins, pins, demolition and storage, are responsible for a person, to achieve a continuous molding, to avoid rework operations.

  As a result of the full preparation, the equipment is properly disintegrated and placed, only 2.5 days to complete the moving operation, and set a record of the relocation of the 40 rig equipment in Chad block. In the follow-up production organization, the team made persistent efforts to complete the installation, commissioning and operation of the equipment in only 7 days, and reached the drilling level at one time through the test and acceptance by Party A. Advanced equipment, testing and debugging unsealed shared relocation 15 days earlier than the 30 Yu Tian brothers team Chad market to achieve the first export production well drilling.

  Early in the Daniela 1-22 platform to drill wells, the team organize full wells construction design and construction technical clarification, in advance of construction possible difficulties and matters needing attention were discussed, the oblique section parameters setting, anti shrinkage measures, mudstone section of Qianshan drilling attention, so that production process on follow up. During drilling, the drilling engineer is responsible for the wells cycle cost of Daosuan, realistic, template and tracking measures drawn preset 6 curves, were quantified by comparing the benchmarking every day, continuous improvement work measures to speed up.

  Based on this, the team and the strengthening of professional company, the third party and the superior departments of communication and coordination, to achieve convergence process is compact, reduce unnecessary time and loss of interest, single well operation time Daniela 1-22 contains 5 directional wells by party a planned 15 days to 11 days, the market once again in Chad refresh the the Great Wall drilling construction records, which laid the foundation for the market access of Chad the Great Wall drilling workload.

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