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Optimized production of steam injection at joy ridge oil production plant is over RMB 700 yuan

Optimized production of steam injection at joy ridge oil production plant is over RMB 700 yuan

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  China oil network news as of August 17th, the Liaohe Oilfield Huanxiling oil production plant of heavy oil steam oil production 125 thousand tons, oil steam ratio is 0.31, the completion of the annual steam injection volume of 61.8%, compared with plans to reduce the steam injection volume of 46 thousand tons, saving steam costs more than 700 yuan.

  It is understood that the factory management Huan 127, Qi 108 heavy oil area after 30 years of development, with the increasing of steam stimulation cycles, the overall yield of heavy oil creates the effect of increasing difficulty.

  In order to realize the benefits of development, effectively alleviate the decline in heavy oil production of old wells, the factory will optimize a sub project of steam injection into the "16 refinement and lowering the efficiency of project implementation, through the optimization of steam injection parameters to improve oil steam ratio, optimization of steam injection to improve the producing degree of steam injection, pay close attention to operation and management, strengthen the steam injection parameters continue to carry out the optimization, optimization of steam injection and multi media assisted handling work, to improve the development effect of heavy oil. In the first half of this year, measures such as selective steam injection, separate injection, multi-point injection of steam and combined steam injection reached 30 wells, with a total reduction of 3000 tons of steam injection.

  Especially for the low yield wells continue production stimulation effect of variation, intermittent steam by the factory, by closing the well for a period of time, recovery of formation pressure, to restore the production throughput to be near wellbore oil re aggregation. Alignment of 108 low oil steam ratio of single well potential analysis, optimized implementation of intermittent steam injection in 33 wells, and according to different geological conditions, oil property, pressure condition, made to shut the cycle parameters, expected intermittent steam injection cycle oil steam ratio is 0.15.

  Since the beginning of the implementation of cyclic steam injection wells 256 wells in the factory, the cumulative steam injection volume of 407 thousand tons, the oil steam ratio is 0.31; at the same time preferred 65 wells carbon dioxide assisted steam stimulation, reduce the volume of 2000 tons, 4200 tons of crude oil production cycle, the gas oil ratio of 0.05, realize the benefits of the development of heavy oil steam swallow spit.

  Since the three quarter, the factory through selected layer of hydrocarbon gas assisted stimulation measures such as single injection, and will continue to implement the optimization of steam injection in 120, in the foundation of the steam injection effect, saving steam injection rate, to ensure that the oil steam ratio stable at around 0.3, the annual saving of steam injection costs 15 million yuan.

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