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Nile Company South Sultan 37 District crude oil production increased steadily

Nile Company South Sultan 37 District crude oil production increased steadily

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  Since the China oil network news at the beginning of this year, the Nile Company in 37 southern Sultan district project staff to emancipate the mind, innovative thinking, by carrying out fine geologic research, deepening reservoir dynamic analysis, optimization of Nii wells, optimization measures and measures to improve the success rate, a series of technical measures to strengthen the oil field management, so that oil and gas production steadily. This year is expected to be completed by the end of 6 million 500 thousand tons of crude oil, will exceed the annual task, for the Nile Company to achieve 2017 "Paul double positive, breaking the bottleneck, determined to win the battle of increase production goals and lay a solid foundation.

  South Sultan 37 district project is Nile Company's largest main oil field. In July 2011, southern Sultan after independence was discontinued for 15 months, has experienced a number of serious armed conflict; at the same time, the international oil price downturn, production investment is greatly reduced, from 2012 to 2016 4 years only drilled 36 new wells, oil production decline accelerated, was down to below the peak of 50% stable production, difficult.

  In order to implement the overall deployment of the reform and development of corporation and Nile Company in the long-term business strategy target, 37 southern Sultan district project heavy responsibilities, the difficulties, in the long-term business plan, identified 10 million tons production target more than 3 years, a million tons of oil field overseas brilliant.

  2017 is the 37 year of the South Sultan district project to open a new journey of 10 million tons target. Project staff spirit, cohesion, focus on Nile Company "Paul double positive, breaking the bottleneck, determined to win the battle field goal, to overcome the security situation is still grim, geological conditions, production facilities, aging serious perplexing oilfield rapid rise and production decrease and newwells drilled lag, the rainy season production challenges work hard, adhere to the red line and the bottom line", strengthening fine management, enhancing quality and efficiency, have achieved remarkable results in all aspects of safety, productivity and efficiency.

  37 southern Sultan district project in accordance with the overall deployment, the implementation of preferential "principle, constantly optimize the new drilling wells, wells optimization, using cluster wells technology, vigorously promote the application of directional wells and horizontal wells group, saving and sharing the ground well site ground pipeline and power facilities, improve work efficiency. The preliminary economic evaluation results show that 3 directional wells and horizontal well groups are saved at the same site, which costs 950 thousand dollars less than the single well site.

  The 2017 plan drilled 30 wells, drilled 16 Nii, the 9 new wells into production, average daily production reached 590 barrels of mark Nii. In order to speed up the reserve, South Sultan District 37 projects carried out thousands of barrels of wells in club activities, through the implementation of technological innovation, played a number of 1000 barrels a day more than the high yield wells. Repair on 61 wells, increasing oil 8875 barrels / day. At present, the oil production has increased from 125 thousand barrels per day earlier to nearly 135 thousand barrels per day.

  The expansion of sales income, strengthen the coordinating efforts to implement the 45 days ahead of the oil release plan, give full play to Chinese inside the oil Dahl oil sales joint working mechanism, the partner of Dahl oil the average premium of $3.09 a barrel, the lowest discount of $1.42 / barrel, hit the best levels in history; lowering the efficiency. By strengthening the ESP contract negotiations, strengthen civil engineering, drilling and workover, bidding procurement efforts, and actively promote the transfer of electric submersible pump screw pump, and revitalize the inventory of idle equipment, strengthen field management etc., to reduce costs of $33 million; HSSE management, through earnestly "emergency management, key projects, special treatment, prevention and management" four work, implementation of high-risk security situation HSSE the goal of "30".

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