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Mature technology of completion and fracturing of gas well in Daqing

Mature technology of completion and fracturing of gas well in Daqing

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  China Petroleum network news, as of September 13th, completion fracturing integrated technology in Daqing oilfield field application of 9 wells, a record efficiency of 60 million yuan, for the Daqing oil field gas development provides a powerful guarantee.

  Deep gas wells in Daqing oilfield are characterized by high temperature, high pressure, low carbon dioxide content and low natural productivity, so it is necessary to carry out multi layer fracturing. Due to the level of material and technology, the technical index and reliability of domestic tools can not meet the requirements of fracturing and completion, and the cost of imported tools has been high.

  According to the production demand, Daqing oil production engineering research institute to carry out research on fracturing, the mobilization of veteran soldiers and able captains, completion technology. The project team through independent research and development, resistance to dip tube, to solve the large-scale fracturing rubber tube cracking, expansion and other issues; design a new fracturing packer, meet the multi-layer fracturing demand. Through the efforts, the fracturing tool for gas well test is successful, and the field application is good, and can replace the import completely. During the completion of the completion process, the project team has broken through the difficulties of low pipe index and sticky buckle in succession, and successfully developed corrosion preventive completion tools.

  At the beginning of this year, Daqing oilfield decided to carry out completion and fracturing of Da 23 well. This is a key exploration well, a fracture of 6 layers, related to the determination of recoverable reserves of 10 billion cubic meters, of great significance. Because of objective reasons, the casing pressure of the well is very risky.

  Daqing Research Institute of production engineering and technical personnel volunteered, and difficulties. According to the well conditions, improve tool performance, improving the construction methods, improving each link from design to construction, after a month of hard work, completion, fracturing favoringly, tools and technology to withstand the test of the scene. This indicates the maturity of domestic completion and fracturing integration technology.

  The test of deep inclined 23 well has been successful, and the last short plate of domestic completion tool has been filled. Only one construction cost is reduced by 4 million 300 thousand yuan. Up to now, the technology has been tested and applied to 9 wells in Daqing oilfield, of which 8 have been fractured, 1 have been completed and fractured, and the success rate is 100%. The integrated technology of well completion and fracturing has reached the international advanced level, and the cost of the single well is reduced by more than 70%, and the cost is saved by 44 million yuan.

  Since then, the integrated design of the completion, fracturing and integration of the gas well fracturing in Daqing oilfield has been completely autonomous, which provides a powerful guarantee for the efficient development of natural gas.

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