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March 13, 2018, three minutes of global energy information

March 13, 2018, three minutes of global energy information

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[Trump "wrath to the crown", the global energy pattern has changed? Trump's latest iron and steel tariff will ignite a trade war between the United States and its crude oil buying countries, as well as the exporters of raw materials for its oil and gas transportation pipelines. The United States or will be a repeat of 2002 George W. Bush issued punitive steel tariffs made higher; international oil prices will make OPEC and Russia stand. As a result, Trump opinionated a good thing the new tariff policy will actually bring to kill one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred "effect. (see the Wall Street)
ExxonMobil disclosed the profit and cash flow doubling plan before 2025. Exxon Mobil recently announced plans to increase profits and cash flows by more than twice before 2025. Including, in the upstream areas of investment in the United States, deep water tight oil and liquefied natural gas; in the downstream areas, upgrade the production line through the Texas, Louisiana, Holland, Singapore and the UK investment in oil refinery; in the chemical field, North America and the Asia Pacific region to expand the production capacity of about 40%.
[Russia and Saudi Arabia to seek more cooperation before the foreign media] said, in action to promote the success of joint production pushed prices rebound, Russia and Saudi Arabia have shown willingness to expand areas of cooperation. The chancellor of Saudi Arabia says the two sides will soon announce a major partnership in LNG. In the middle of last year, Russia offered Saudi Arabia an opportunity to share the Arctic LNG-2 project in the northern part of Siberia, Russia. The total investment of the project is $20 billion, which is planned to be put into operation in 2022 or 2023, but there is no agreement on the project.
The US energy secretary will increase efforts to promote crude oil and natural gas exports. Rick Perry, the US energy secretary, said in March 7th that energy is the dominant industry in the United States. The US will increase its infrastructure and export more crude oil and natural gas to the international market. Perry delivered a speech at the "Cambridge Energy Week" Conference on the same day, saying that thanks to the energy revolution brought by industrial innovation and technological breakthrough, the output of shale oil increased continuously and the cost continued to decline. "It turns out that scarce is not energy, but innovation."
[Total Beihai has become the second major oil and gas producer] 8, Total to $7 billion 500 million acquisition of Denmark's Oil and Natural Gas Corp, the deal makes Total overtook Shell in Beihai become the second and second largest producer of oil. 
[Norway's national oil company offshore investment digital technology] a comprehensive operational support center and drilling operations center for drilling operations provide more cost-effective and better learning support, can help Norway's national oil company (Statoil) from 2020 to 2025, in the tax before the creation of more than $2 billion from Norway the operation of oil field. Related people say that digital technology will change the impact of related industries on people's lives. By 2020, Statoil plans to invest 1-20 Krone in digital technology to create higher value and improve operation. (Worldoil)
How to avoid the aircraft being struck by lightning? Add electricity to the shell: power consumption is lower than ordinary light bulbs] every commercial aircraft in the world will be hit by lightning at least once a year. When a plane flies in a thunderstorm environment, it accumulates positive charge at one end and accumulates negative charge at the other end. When the voltage difference reaches a certain level, it will generate conductive plasma flow, which will make the aircraft easier to be hit by lightning. Sensors are used to monitor the electrification of aircraft shells, and when necessary, current is applied to adjust the distribution of charges. It can prevent lightning effectively, and the energy required by the power adding device is lower than that of a common electric bulb. (surging)
BP hopes to occupy the 15% gasoline market in Mexico. On Friday, Alvaro, the fuel director of BP, said that BP will remain open to Mexico's fuel supply and hope to occupy 15% share of the retail gasoline market in the country. He added that BP has long sought to build a complete supply chain in Mexico, hoping to have 1500 brands of logistics sites in the country by 2021.
[British media: Western banks because of the oil will be exhausted to abandon Chinese Brunei investment "timely assistance"] Reuters reported that in Brunei oil and natural gas reserves are expected to be exhausted in 20 years. Oil companies will no longer invest heavily in existing facilities. The country's oil revenues are steadily decreasing, while almost all the Brunei government's expenditure is from oil revenues. Compared with the gradual withdrawal of Western banks from Brunei, according to the "global investment tracking" data of the American Enterprise Institute, the total investment of Brunei in China is about 4 billion 100 million dollars. Reported that, with the Chinese advance "The Belt and Road" initiative, this number will almost certainly rise.
Foreign media: Chinese [will revoke the Energy Bureau set up the Department of energy] Reuters Beijing March 8th news, four and Chinese leadership related sources said, China plans to set up the Department of energy regulation, large oil and natural gas, coal and electricity industry, which is part of the government institution reform program, aimed at improving the efficiency of decision-making. The newly established Ministry will replace the existing National Energy Agency (NEA). Sources say the Ministry of energy will no longer be subordinate to the NDRC and will be responsible for the energy - related functions that are now dispersed in many government departments.
[Chinese oil Tianjin and surrounding areas of air pollution prevention and control special inspection results] 9 days, with the special air pollution prevention and control of the third oil China Beijing Tianjin Hebei and the surrounding areas of the end of the inspection, marking the company from 2017 to 2018 in autumn and winter air pollution prevention special inspection work completed, and achieved remarkable results. As of now, the Group Company Tianjin and the surrounding area "2+26" city of all enterprises to achieve full coal-fired boiler cleared, all gas station (base) oil and gas emission concentration can meet the requirements of relevant standards, all elevated sources were installed flue gas emission automatic monitoring facilities and networking with local government.
Qian Tianlin: trying to use nuclear energy to solve the heating problem. Qian Tianlin, the CPPCC National Committee member and director of the technology and Information Department of the nuclear group, said that at present, the nuclear group is trying to popularize the use of nuclear energy to solve the heating problem. If the pilot is successful, it will soon be rolled out in China.  
[deputy general manager of China National Petroleum Corporation, Party members of the Liu Hongbin line went to Sulige gas field research] from March 8th to 9th, deputy general manager, the company party members Liu Hongbin in Sulige gas field has in-depth research, natural gas processing plant, drilling fracturing site, visit and condolences to the majority of employees, and through on-site seminars jointly study the planning of Changqing Oilfield the development plan.
Changqing gas production plant [three] "every effort to protect the NPC and CPPCC blue" national "NPC and CPPCC" period, Changqing Oilfield gas plant will keep three Nissan 22 million cubic meters of natural gas over high, at the same time, the construction of factory production line also came the good news: the 27 day the roar of the rig has been full speed "move" on the footage 3927 meters, a total footage of 5665 meters. Up to now, the plant has produced a total of 1 billion 276 million cubic meters of natural gas, which has made a positive contribution to the capital's blue sky and white clouds during the period of the "two meetings".
[Commission Vice Chairman Jiang Yang: "China version of crude oil futures will be officially listed] member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the Commission Jiang Yang introduced, the period will be in March 26th officially launched the" internationalization "of crude oil futures, further opening up to the world, it is very important to the major strategic China it. Although China is already the world's largest importer of oil, but for a long time, because of its own crude oil pricing mechanism, China's purchase of crude oil in the world is much higher than that in other countries. China's "crude oil futures" is ready to go online, so China can use this market price to negotiate the international crude oil market, not only for China, but also for Asia and even for the world.
[Sinopec Deputy General Ma Yongsheng: increase in domestic oil and gas exploration and development efforts should be made through the tax incentive to Chinese] oil and gas resources to achieve the benefits of development is facing serious challenges: oil and gas exploration targets become more complex, found difficulty, construction difficulty increases; the existing technology and equipment to meet the needs of a large number of low quality resources development.
[Chen's support member: Xinjiang oil and gas trading center to speed up the establishment of "] to promote the establishment of Xinjiang as the center of the oil and gas trading center, is not only beneficial to strengthen energy cooperation between Xinjiang and neighboring countries, to achieve resource import diversification, but also can give full play to Xinjiang as an important strategic pivot role in the core area of the Silk Road Economic zone." Chen Qi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said. Chen's advice, to fully consider the Xinjiang region and the need of reform, the establishment of Xinjiang oil and gas trading center to give the corresponding policy support. At the same time, the central oil and gas enterprises will increase their support to the Xinjiang oil and gas trading center, and more oil and gas products are traded through the trading center. In addition, the docking of oil and gas resources in Central Asia and Russia should be strengthened, and the influence of the Xinjiang oil and gas trading center should be expanded.