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Kunlun gas supply to Qingyuan before the end of the day up to 450 thousand cubic meters

Kunlun gas supply to Qingyuan before the end of the day up to 450 thousand cubic meters

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  Chinese network news October 20th in the Guangdong oil industry in Qingyuan and the general assembly was informed that, as of October 20th, Kingboard chemical group through the fuel revolution and technological innovation, output grew 50%, revenue grew by 100% this year.

  Qingyuan ancient Fengcheng, located in central Guangdong Province, known as the "Pearl River Delta garden", has abundant clay resources, is one of the three largest production base of high-quality ceramic raw materials. As early as the 70s of last century, Qingyuan ceramics were sold well both at home and abroad because of their elegant appearance, excellent thickness and transparency.

  In 2008, Guangdong province accelerated the layout of ceramic enterprises in the Pearl River Delta in Qingyuan. 2009, approved by the provincial government, "Foshan Chancheng (fresh) industrial transfer industrial park and the national ceramic industry transfer demonstration base" in the fresh grass cloud foundation, 5 companies Eastroc, Monalisa, Jane, a beauty China ten brand building ceramics enterprises in the establishment of production bases in Qingyuan. The reputation of Qingyuan ceramics.

  The introduction of ceramic industry makes Qingyuan's economy shift from agriculture to manufacturing industry. Industrial output increased by more than 50 times in the first 10 years of the century, and Qingyuan's GPD growth rate remained the first in the whole province for 7 years. But at the same time, the contradiction between economic development and environmental protection has become increasingly prominent. It is urgent to optimize the energy structure and vigorously develop the use of clean energy.

  The government of Qingyuan calls for the complete completion of the "coal to gas" program by the end of 2018". Compared with coal combustion, natural gas is not only environmentally friendly, but also more complete combustion, high thermal efficiency, can improve the yield of high-end ceramics, is considered as the alternative to ceramic production of traditional fuels the best choice.

  In November 2016, Guangdong Jiamei Ceramics Co. Ltd. (Marco Polo ceramics factory) as president of the association of Qingyuan ceramic units, to sign a contract for gas and oil China Kunlun Gas Company Limited, and put into the two production line in February this year, the transformation effect is obvious, the end of May will be the entire production line to natural gas. In the United States ceramics demonstration, Qingyuan Ceramics Co. Ltd, Mona Lisa Hannaford, Ceramic Co., 7 company has signed a contract for gas and Kunlun Gas Company Limited, was planned for years to switch to natural gas. At present, Kunlun Gas Company Limited for the beauty of ceramics, ceramics, Hannaford daily supply 310 thousand cubic meters, and 14 production lines are natural gas transformation, the end of the day before the supply of up to 450 thousand cubic meters.

  The calorific value of natural gas is much higher than the gas production, the product quality is good, low rate of sulfur emissions than burning coal, environmental protection, but also eliminates the need for coal transportation investment, for the enterprise to control cost, reduce the environmental pressure of great help." The person in charge of ceramics said.

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