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Jinxi Petrochemical Beijing VI guaranteed quality stable supply

Jinxi Petrochemical Beijing VI guaranteed quality stable supply

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  China oil network news at the end of September, the Jinxi Petrochemical Industries Co has a total production of Beijing No. 92, No. 95 gasoline standard VI VI standard gasoline 20 tons, 100 thousand tons per month and the ability of Beijing VI gasoline supply in Beijing.

  In recent years, Jinxi Petrochemical Industries Co market oriented, and continuously accelerate the pace of upgrading the quality of oil products. During the "12th Five-Year" period, Jinxi Petrochemical Industries Co has successively implemented a series of projects, including the upgrading of the IV standard gasoline and diesel fuel quality in China, and the upgrading of the V standard gasoline and diesel fuel quality in china. At the same time, the Jinxi Petrochemical Industries Co implemented the alkylation and waste acid treatment project in 2015 to prepare for the upgrading of Beijing VI gasoline.

  The upgrade for the smooth implementation of the Beijing VI gasoline, to seize the high-end market, the relevant technical personnel of Jinxi Petrochemical alkylation project to overcome the time heavy task difficulty, from the beginning of January 2016, to intensify the implementation of 3D model review, construction speed up construction projects, the successful completion of water flushing, pipeline blasting, steam line shooting, unit commissioning a series of work, to ensure the safety, quality and schedule of project in hand. At the same time, the workshop will advance the operator's on-site process and equipment operation method training, and ensure the operation of the project operation.

  In February 3rd this year, Jinxi Petrochemical 2030 tons first No. 92 Beijing VI standard gasoline to complete the loading, and successfully sent to Beijing. This marks the quality of Jinxi petrochemical gasoline to a new level, among the first batch of Beijing VI standard gasoline production enterprises ranks.

  In order to ensure the quality of gasoline, Jinxi Petrochemical alkylation and waste acid plant continues to improve production operations, strengthen technical force, increase management visits frequency, and ensure the smooth operation of the device. Jinxi Petrochemical coordination workshop and production operations department technical personnel continue to accumulate gasoline formulations experience, strictly control the proportion of Beijing VI gasoline components, the successful completion of Beijing VI gasoline online coordination. In addition, the coordination workshop has also worked out the scheme of mutual protection and channeling to prevent the impact of pipeline pressure relief and operation on the quality of Jing Jing gasoline tank.

  At the same time, the Transport Department of Jinxi Petrochemical Railway Station in Huludao to overcome the single operation during the festival, railway train layout constraints and other difficulties, from the plan submitted to the examination and approval, and the vehicle owned car into all aspects of the implementation of the tracking control at the factory loading, optimization of transportation organization, scientific and reasonable arrangements for the work plan, to ensure the smooth delivery of gasoline Beijing VI.

  It is understood that in January 1, 2019, the country will implement the first phase of the country's first vehicle gasoline standards. At present, the petrol standard of Beijing VI is higher than the national gasoline standard, and the production process can be adjusted to produce gasoline.

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