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International development of Bohai drilling second cementing company

International development of Bohai drilling second cementing company

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  In 101 wells, the construction market revenue 51 million 920 thousand yuan, cementing engineering quality pass rate of 100%, 91.32%, 3 times the quality rate of party a praise, this is an answer of second Bohai drilling cementing company international market in the first half of 2017 surrender.

  "The development prospect of the international market is broad. Our goal is to" go out "and compete with the famous Western companies to expand the company's space for survival and development." Yue Xinqing, deputy chief engineer of the company and manager of the international project manager, revealed the dream of cementing workers.

  Cohesion for

  There are many restrictions on overseas production and material support, such as scattered operation sites, complicated operation procedures, different requirements of Party A, long transport cycle, and general customs clearance period of more than 60 days. To this end, the company on the one hand to promote the overseas material management information, the material type, quantity, delivery time, the use of input computer, to keep abreast of all material inventory information; on the other hand to promote the overseas material management standardization, by the person responsible for the overseas project material declaration, approval and delivery, and maintain communication and coordination with the authorities do the information management department, timely delivery and smooth communication. At the same time, urged the material supply system for long-term, and further improve and perfect the local procurement, domestic delivery mechanism. The company in the first half of 2017 sent to the international market, the production of 803.26 tons of materials required to reduce inventory of materials to occupy hundreds of thousands of yuan of funds.

  In the overseas equipment maintenance management, the company to achieve the "four modernizations", namely "operation refinement, daily inspection precision, maintenance of lean, fault finding accurate and passive repair for preventive maintenance, reduce the equipment failure rate. As of now, the company take the initiative to overhaul the "hidden" equipment 35 times, saving the cost of 220 thousand yuan.

  Act according to circumstances

  In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the company adhere to the quality as the key of building brand, market extension engineering, quality control, talent shows itself from competitors with first-class quality.

  In May this year, the company completed efficiently halfaya wells HF196-M196D1 acid soluble cement plug construction tasks, this is the first use of independent research and development company in Iraq market 1.80 grams per cubic centimeter of acid soluble cement slurry system. Due to high production wells layer protection requirements to Party A, to the naked eye producing layers filled 200 meters of cement plug in effective sealing at the same time, not on the production layer and the possible channel of oil pollution and destruction, pose serious challenges for well cementing.

  During construction, the company to carry out technical research, combined with the geological conditions, underground wells and reservoir data comprehensive analysis, continuous optimization of cement slurry system, after testing more than 10 times, the final simulation, independently developed the acid soluble cement slurry system, and use the software to simulate the construction process, supporting construction technology. The operation process, the company strictly control into the well, cement slurry density, displacement, injected 13 cubic meters of cement paste, successfully completed the construction, has been unanimously approved by the parties concerned.

  In the process of promoting quality management, the company has always maintained its own technical advantages, the successful completion of the difficult HF006-N006D1 well 177.8 mm oil pipe casing construction. Through the quality inspection, the well cementing quality is excellent, and it is highly praised by Party A. HF006-N006D1 well has complex downhole conditions, long sealing section, small gap and easy to leak. The company adopted double stage cementing technology to ensure safe and efficient completion of cementing operation.

  Timely action

  In accordance with the "all around the market turn" concept, the company established a "leading advance" and "actively follow up" operation development direction: the main push Iraq halfaya, Luke 10 block and Indonesia Jambi project, and actively follow up in Iraq, Kuwait and other Middle East market and South American market key project.

  For the Jambi project in Indonesia, the Company re division of Indonesia project group, complete the daily operation during the day, evening busy bidding work, 3 days to complete the project registration, 5 days to submit prequalification materials, 14 days staff made bids, 20 days to complete the project feasibility studies and estimates the cost of careful, final with high quality standard by party a technical standards and business standard acceptance, the successful bidder for the Jambi project.

  The face of unfavorable situation of volume and price, the company will focus on the fine management of energy savings work, to actively promote the single well cost, unit consumption as the main content of the "two single" work cost method, under the premise of ensuring cementing engineering quality, reduce the cost of science. At the same time, the completion of cement mixing system, broken bag system transformation and other 12 processes and equipment technical improvement, greatly improved work efficiency, reduce the cost of employees.

  Through meticulous management, the international market in the first half of 2017 to achieve energy savings of 1 million 500 thousand yuan, compared with the same period last year increased by 6.5%.

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