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International Exhibition of petroleum and petrochemical equipment exhibition, international exhibition and Dongying Exhibition

International Exhibition of petroleum and petrochemical equipment exhibition, international exhibition and Dongying Exhibition

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  In September 27th, the the Yellow River International Conference and Exhibition Center in Dongying was crowded with people. The Tenth China (Dongying) International Petroleum and petrochemical equipment and technology exhibition was solemnly opened here. More than 2000 top businessmen and universities, research institutes, experts and scholars and 347 enterprises from over 70 countries and regions have come to the exhibition. The exhibition for a period of 3 days, during the same period also held 2017 Chinese (Dongying) Petroleum Equipment Industry Development Summit, "The Belt and Road" petrochemical industry summit, the national science and technology leading talent high petroleum equipment industry fair, Chinese (Dongying) twenty-first Century "maritime Silk Road" in international trade and investment matchmaking activities.

  The morning of September 27th, held in the Yellow River International Convention and Exhibition Center Conference Center of the tenth session of Chinese (Dongying) International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and equipment exhibition opening ceremony as an annual event for the domestic and foreign Petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry. This event by the International Trade Promotion Committee, China sponsored by the Shandong Provincial People's government, Dongying Municipal People's government, the Sinopec of Shengli Petroleum Administration Bureau, Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee of Shandong Provincial Committee hosted the Dongying city Dongying District People's government, the Dongying Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Dongying Municipal People's Government affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs Office, China International Trade Promotion Committee of Dongying city the specific implementation of the committee.

  As a certified UFI exhibition, the Ministry of Commerce to guide support exhibition, the exhibition exhibitors reached 347, equivalent to 1501 standard booths, including the United States, Germany, Belgium, for inke tiandihengyi and Sweden detai Chi Yi and other well-known outside enterprises, CSIC, CNOOC and other enterprises in prefix and victoryplateau, kerei group, Shaanxi group and other domestic industry leading enterprises. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering and Petroleum University experts site for the enterprise "pulse", PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and Daqing oilfield, Dagang Oilfield and domestic key oil procurement department, senior management personnel in Yantai, Jerry, Shell, Holland Jianghan four British BP and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad to.

  From the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Britain and so on more than 70 countries and regions merchants participants. The American Petroleum Institute, the Iran petroleum ministry, the Uruguay state Oil and Natural Gas Corp and other giants have also formed purchasing groups. Participants at home and abroad top VIP and buyers exceeded 2000 people, the participants are expected to exceed 30 thousand passengers.

  Bright scene "The Belt and Road along the country to talk about cooperation

  Compared with the previous exhibition, the tenth session of Chinese (Dongying) International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition of larger, higher technological content of products, show more rich content, higher degree of internationalization, can be described as a bright scene.

  Because of good China market resources and technology, the more than 30 "The Belt and Road along the country's government officials and entrepreneurs gathered in Dongying to discuss cooperation in the field of high technology; participating enterprises; localization of independent innovation enterprises; show more and more attention to the actual effect of the role of enterprise and social development close degree.

  During the exhibition, will be held China petroleum equipment industry development summit, "The Belt and Road national petrochemical industry investment forum, the nineteenth session of the Bohai (shallow beach) oil gas exploration and development technology seminar, Chinese Petroleum University technical exchanges and scientific and technological achievements, the second session of the Dongying conference, the national science and technology leading talents in petroleum equipment industry high fair, 2017 (Fourteenth) Chinese carbonate industry and Chinese carbonate industry chain technology development and Industry Development Forum, 2017 Shandong intellectual property forum, the oil and gas equipment quality and safety supervision and inspection technology seminar, Chinese (Dongying) twenty-first Century" maritime Silk Road "national investment trade joint meeting.

  Outstanding contribution to the annual oil equipment manufacturing industry Gala

  Chinese (Dongying) International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and equipment exhibition has been successfully held nine sessions, the first nine exhibition cumulative exhibitors reached 3361, the total number of visitors more than 40 passengers, signing a foreign trade contract agreement in 801, involving 55 countries and regions, for regional economic and social development has made outstanding contributions, become an important platform for the domestic and foreign Petroleum and petrochemical industry docking exchange.

  Dongying has formed the industrial system of petroleum equipment R & D, manufacturing, services, and trade in one of the output value accounted for about 1/3, is Dongying's traditional industries and pillar industries, is the largest gathering area Chinese petroleum equipment manufacturing base and petroleum equipment industry, was awarded the "Chinese petroleum equipment industry base", "China petroleum equipment products export base", "China petroleum equipment city". In recent years, Dongying firmly seize the country to speed up the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry in Shandong Province, and great opportunities to speed up the kinetic energy conversion, and strengthen policy support, integration of power resources, focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of petroleum equipment industry has made positive exploration and practice, made new progress and effectiveness.

  Organizers said the exhibition will integrate the world petroleum equipment resources, promote the popularization and application of petroleum equipment industry of new and high technology, promote regional petroleum equipment industry with international standards, formed in the petroleum equipment industry in the competition of technology, market, management, system, personnel and other advantages, to further establish the foreign new image, improve regional visibility to speed up the construction of Chinese petroleum equipment industry base to build an important platform and carrier.

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