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Intelligent monitoring of energy consumption equipment in Xinjiang Oilfield

Intelligent monitoring of energy consumption equipment in Xinjiang Oilfield

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  Chinese oil network news (reporter Song Peng correspondent Wang Jin) July 12th, the use of independent research and development of pumping unit energy-saving monitoring and diagnosis system, Testing Research Institute of Xinjiang oilfield experiment (hereinafter referred to as the experimental technicians Institute) the successful completion of the Hongshan oilfield, oil production plant a total of 21 sets of pumping unit energy-saving monitoring, from data acquisition to the issue the only time the original 1/7.

  Karamay oilfield enterprises energy equipment and more types of complex, widely distributed, including pumping unit, pump unit, steam boiler, heating furnace, transformer and other energy consuming equipment more than 3 Taiwan, which accounted for more than 95% of the total energy consumption of oil.

  In order to give full play to the role of promoting energy-saving monitoring reduced the efficiency of energy saving, energy-saving in improving enterprise management level and, as early as two years ago, the hospital monitoring center has carried out energy-saving pumping unit energy-saving monitoring and diagnosis system research, has now entered the field trial stage. The hardware development and software design of the system have achieved the desired function. After the test data collection is completed, the test results can be issued in 2 to 3 minutes, 80% shorter than the original. At the same time, the database can be fully compatible and imported into the energy management system database of the oilfield company.

  In June 15th, the company undertake the project "major oilfield energy-saving equipment monitoring and diagnosis technology research and application of oilfield company smoothly through the expert group appraisal review design proposal. The project will establish a monitoring of energy consuming equipment data acquisition -- data analysis -- problems and improve the efficiency of diagnosis - Suggestions "model, mainly to carry out mobile integrated testing device, real-time data acquisition and processing software, expert remote diagnosis technology and open monitoring platform and other aspects of compatibility. After the data is accepted, the monitoring result and rectification suggestions will be issued within 3 minutes, which will effectively improve the automation degree of energy conservation monitoring and on-site energy conservation management level, and improve the scientific results of monitoring results and safety of test work. At the same time, open and compatible monitoring platform will improve the utilization rate of monitoring data.

  The research and application of this technology will help to improve the overall strength of energy-saving monitoring and diagnosis of Oilfield Company, Karamay oilfield energy-saving energy-saving field monitoring automation and management level, improve the test work safety, reduce staff workload, and greatly improves the work efficiency energy-saving monitoring and monitoring results of timeliness, the efficiency reducing power of Oilfield enterprises." Laboratory energy conservation monitoring center director Ge Suan said.

  It is understood that the 2016 experimental hospital energy saving monitoring center has been through the research and application of pumping unit energy-saving monitoring and diagnosis system, guide the Oilfield Company 305 oil pumping unit to implement the "monitoring, on-site guidance and adjustment of monitoring" closed loop management mode. The implementation of the new model, the 305 sets of oil pumping unit balance of qualified rate increased from 43.2% to 70.9%, the efficiency of the system increased by 0.4 percentage points, the annual saving 203 thousand kwh, energy-saving rate of 2%, and has good economic benefits.

  At the same time, the energy monitoring center of the experimental Institute has further improved the remote link function of the system, and achieved remote real-time monitoring of the background. The synchronous test control and data acquisition of several testing instruments, the time of monitoring result is shortened from 7 days to 30 days, which is now 1 days, which greatly reduces the manual workload and improves the monitoring efficiency.

  The research and application of energy saving monitoring and diagnosis technology indicate that intelligent monitoring and diagnosis of energy consumption equipment in Karamay oilfield will be fully realized.

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