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High speed rail pile mud treatment equipment

High speed rail pile mud treatment equipment

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  Tangshan OGEM solid control provides high iron piling mud treatment equipment in the mixing station tank, tailing hydropower station, city construction, bridge pile foundation etc. circulation hole construction in the mud for purification and recovery.

  High speed rail mud treatment equipment is also called sludge dewatering equipment, tailings mud treatment equipment, piling mud treatment equipment, pile foundation slurry treatment equipment, mud purification equipment.

  The mud treatment equipment is matched with the press filter, and the slurry separation is carried out to realize the zero discharge of the building mud.

  The mud treatment equipment in Tangshan can replace the imported equipment completely, which can effectively solve the problems of waste slurry treatment, mud recycling and recycling in the construction project.

  Main characteristics of pile mud treatment equipment in high speed railway project:

  (1) efficient new cone angle technology.

  (2) deepening of liquid pool.

  (3) straight drum lengthening.

  (4) liquid diversion holes are added to the spiral.

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