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Heavy! Both international oil prices break 70! The oil people's good days are coming!

Heavy! Both international oil prices break 70! The oil people's good days are coming!

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WTI crude oil prices broke the $70 mark and reached the highest level since November 2014. At the same time, Brent crude oil prices have remained at a high of 75 US dollars!
In the oil industry, the overall warming is a foregone conclusion! The oil people's good days are coming!
Rising drug oil, Iran nuclear agreement!
In January 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he would extend the “last time” exemption from sanctions on the Iranian nuclear issue until May 12, and set the date as the deadline for the revision of the Iranian nuclear agreement, and threatened to announce that if by then Without the amendments that satisfied him, the United States will withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement. Since he took office in January 2017, Trump has repeatedly claimed that the Iranian nuclear agreement is the United States’ “lossy deal in history” and has “catastrophic flaws” and has continuously released signals of withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement.
Iran is OPEC’s third largest oil producer and the fifth largest oil producer in the world. At present, Iran’s oil production is relatively stable, with a daily output of approximately 3.8 million barrels. After the gradual lifting of international sanctions against Iran in 2016, Iran gradually restored its oil exports and economic growth.
If the United States restarts its sanctions against Iran, oil prices will face a rising risk!
Oil service companies have warmed up!
Oil service company, as a barometer of the oil market, its operating conditions can most intuitively reflect the development of the oil industry!
In the just-released first-quarter report of 2018, Sinopec Oil Service announced that its operating income in the first quarter reached 10.268 billion yuan and net profit of 30.129 million yuan, and it successfully achieved profitability.
The international oil giants have also started the profit model:
Schlumberger made a profit of 525 million U.S. dollars in the first quarter, which was a turnaround from profits, and profits increased by 88% year-on-year.
Halliburton’s first-quarter net profit reached 46 million U.S. dollars, which was a year-on-year profit, and revenue for the quarter reached US$5.74 billion, a 34% increase year-on-year.
GE Baker Hughes’ first-quarter revenue reached US$5.4 billion, and despite a loss of US$41 million, it was down 63% from the previous quarter.