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Global energy information

Global energy information

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  Global energy information


      According to the financial times, according to the financial times, the CITIC Group is negotiating into China's Chinese faith, according to the financial times. It is said that the negotiations are still in the initial stage, but the plan to buy $9 billion in Russia's oil 14% shares by Huaxin has complicated the negotiations.


      On the 22 night of March, CNPC said its net profit in 2017 increased to three times in 2016 as its original oil price rose steadily. In 2017, the net profit of the company increased from 7 billion 860 million yuan a year ago to 22 billion 800 million yuan. However, the stock price has fallen in recent days, mainly due to a tight trade relationship between China and the United States, which has led to a fall in the stock market.


      At present, China is the third largest importer of LNG in the United States, second only to Mexico and South Korea. In the middle of last month, the US gas supply giant Cheniere Energy signed the first contract with Chinese enterprises. The agreement with the oil and gas group company lasted for 25 years.


      In March 21st, CNOOC Hainan Natural Gas Co., Ltd. LNG bonded warehouse successfully passed the customs inspection of Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Hainan, which also indicates that our first LNG bonded warehouse will be put into operation. Through the development of bonded warehouse business, enterprises can more easily realize LNG export, and increase sales by 10% annually. At the same time, LNG can be sold abroad to develop entrepot trade.


      In March 22nd, President Trump signed the presidential memorandum. According to the results of the "301 investigation", we will impose a large scale of tariffs on the commodities imported from China and limit the investment and acquisition of Chinese enterprises to the US. Before signing the White House, Trump said to the media that the size of Chinese goods involved in taxation could reach $60 billion. In this regard, Chinese ambassador Cui Tiankai 22, responded that the China never want a trade war, if people want to start a trade war on us, we will fight in the end. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce had previously said that China would never sit down to the damage of legitimate rights and interests.


      Although China is seeking more natural gas to meet the needs of clean air power, the growth rate of some fuel supply chains is not fast enough to avoid the recurrence of the winter supply crisis this year. As the largest energy users in the world need to find a balance between the weak consumption in summer and the surging demand in winter, large underground storage is becoming the focus of attention. Analysts at IHS Markit and Wood Mackenize say that although China plans to increase storage capacity by more than three times over the next 10 years, it is still not enough to meet its growing demand.


      According to Platts March 19th news, CEO of Qatar Petroleum Company recently said that the company is expected to start producing liquefied natural gas from the gas field in the North expansion project before the end of 2020, the company will have front-end engineering and design contract land equipment awarded the Japan Chiyoda corporation. The new project will increase Qatar's LNG capacity from 77 million tonnage to 100 million tonnage per year.


      Britain's oil and Gas Technology Center (OGTC) recently announced that it will invest 3 a robot project to study the detection of pressure vessels, including Sonomatic, an integrated non intrusive inspection robot, Strathclyde University 3D laser scanning and nondestructive testing technology of robot crawler, and the University's maritime inspection uavs. OGTC in an organization said in a statement, the development and deployment of new technology for pressure vessel inspection, has always been the focus of attention in the field of the center of Britain's oil and gas technology, with Sonomatic and Strathclyde together to invest in university robot project can significantly reduce costs, improve efficiency and safety.


      The International Energy Agency (IEA) two conclusions in its recently released the "2018 World Oil outlook": the United States shale oil in the next few years will be in the global oil supply side dominated, to yield little space left OPEC; after 2020, the consequences of upstream oil and gas investment dropped will appear, idle capacity the oil market will decline, or tightening.


      Malaysia's national oil company announced the day before, in Boudji-1 wells in southern Gabon F14 block offshore oil and gas drilling in high salt reservoir, the total thickness of 295 feet. The company is being evaluated with the Gabon's oil and hydrocarbon units to further determine the commercial value of the discovery. Malaysia's national oil company is the operator of the F14 block in Gabon, the Australian Woodside Petroleum Ltd owns 30% interest in the block.


      Recently, BP has appointed Susan Dio as president and chairman of BP American company, which came into force in May 1st. Dio will replace the John Minge, which will be responsible for a study on the carbon capture and utilization and storage technology of the National Petroleum Commission. Minge will retire in March 2019. After BP due to large investments in the United States as well as revenue, Susan Dio took over BP will be exposed to the largest project and faced severe challenges such as steel tariffs.