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Fifty million tons of drawing and blue drawing in Changqing Oilfield

Fifty million tons of drawing and blue drawing in Changqing Oilfield

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  CNPC news January 14th, reporter learned from the Changqing Oilfield 2018 working conference, Changqing Oilfield established "stable oil and gas growth and sustainable development" two stages of strategic objectives. The full realization of the "13th Five-Year" planning 3 years in the first stage; the second stage of oil and gas production and stable for 15 years, 50 million tons of production for more than 20 years, opened a new journey of steady development of the new era of Changqing oilfield.

  Changqing Oilfield was founded in 1970. In 2013, the oil and gas equivalent of Changqing Oilfield made a historic breakthrough of 50 million tons, and the second Daqing of China was built.

  Changqing Oilfield, which has been stable for 47 years and has been stable for 50 million years, has been developed for 47 years in the world's rare "three low" oil and gas reservoirs. In the remaining unused oil proven geological reserves, reserves accounted for 80.6% of the ultra low permeability, and the annual increase of proven geological reserves, low permeability, tight oil reached more than 50%; tight gas reserves and proven basic of proven reserves of natural gas reserves of 83.6%, overall quality variation, stable oil gas has a long way to go.

  The history of the development of Changqing Oilfield, is a share for the country, for the dedication of the history of oil. Nineteen of the party spirit, Changqing people not forget the early heart, remember our mission, to serve the country industry. The new leadership: "as the extremely elegant and valuable in Changqing Oilfield has the highest yield of oil and gas fields," I must bear the sacred mission of motherland oil "," oil and gas "initiative to assume responsibility," unswervingly push forward the Changqing oil and gas industry."

  The strategic goal of "stabilizing oil gas increase and sustainable development in two stages, the first stage is from 2018 to 2020, the full realization of the" 13th Five-Year "planning objectives, crude oil production stable at around 24 million tons; natural gas production to achieve steady growth from 36 billion cubic meters to 40 billion cubic meters, more than 50 million tons of oil equivalent to maintain, consolidate and maintain the domestic oil and gas production leading position. On the occasion of the establishment of Changqing Oilfield 50th anniversary, low permeability oil and gas field exploration and development technology and field management level has reached the leading standard in China. Changqing Oilfield has been built into a modern oil and gas company with the highest output, remarkable efficiency, technology leading and management science. The second stage is from 2021 to 2035, and 50 million tons more stable production for 15 years, and finally achieved stable output for more than 20 years. The total scale of enterprises, quality and efficiency, technology capability, production efficiency and value contribution have entered the forefront of the international industry. The penetration and penetration level of low permeability oil and gas fields has reached the leading level in the world. In the basic realization of socialist modernization, Changqing Oilfield is built as a model of state-owned enterprises adhering to the leadership of the party, ensuring national energy security, promoting economic and social development, and building beautiful China.

  For this reason, Changqing Oilfield has carefully thought out the implementation path of the strategic plan of "stabilizing oil and increasing gas and sustainable development", namely, promoting the "four major projects": scale reserves engineering, oil and gas stable production project, technological innovation project and benefit enhancement project.

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