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Effective sealing of deep well made by domestic graded hoop in Tarim Oilfield

Effective sealing of deep well made by domestic graded hoop in Tarim Oilfield

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  Chinese oil network news reporter was informed that in November 1st, the domestic classification hoop technology successfully for the first time in Tarim Oilfield Yangta 2-1 wells application, marking the China success in deep oil classification hoop application, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology companies.

  The grading hoop is an indispensable tool in cementing technology of long sealing section in deep well and complex well. It can effectively seal the reserved horizon, reduce the risk of cementing operation and improve the cementing quality.

  In the oil well classification cementing operation, the performance of the grading hoop is reliable and the success rate is high." Zhang Changduo, deputy director of the natural gas division of Tarim Oilfield, said. Over the years, the Tarim Oilfield has been relying on import tools, not only expensive, and long cycle of procurement and operation, but also acclimatized situation.

  Not only sophisticated, but also ground gas, not only to solve the problem, but also economic benefits. With the increasing number of deep and ultra deep wells of Tarim Oilfield, natural gas department to meet the rapid build production needs, in accordance with the "party, leading research, external assistance" model of scientific research, strengthen the experimental research on the key technology of new research, accelerate the localization of a classification hoop technology.

  The experts of Tarim Oilfield have investigated many times. Based on the repeated evaluation and demonstration of different structure types of graded hoops, the YFZ type graded hoop is selected for the pilot test. The first set of 244.5 mm in sheep classification hoop TA 2-1 well into the well test, engineering and technical personnel for the wells 5282 meters deep, the drilling fluid density up to 2.33 grams per cubic centimeter, classification hoop down into the well depth of 2802 meters, the bottom leakage and other cementing risks, scientific decision-making, careful construction after continuous construction, 6 and a half completed, grade one and grade two, cementing operation smoothly, the successful opening and closing stage collar, test performance and technical parameters of all meet the cementing requirements.

  It is understood that the application of domestic grading hoop technology in the first test of well No. 2-1, greatly reduces the cost of exploration and development, and also lays a good foundation for the popularization and application of domestic grade hoop in petrochina.

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