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Daqing oil field is fully committed to gas for Longjiang

Daqing oil field is fully committed to gas for Longjiang

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  China oil network news January 25th, reporter learned from Daqing oilfield, Daqing oilfield in 2017 natural gas production of 4 billion cubic meters on a new level, the total sales amounted to 2 billion 573 million cubic meters, the highest sales volume reached 8 million 370 thousand cubic meters, to maximize the protection of the region in winter the livelihood of gas.

  Since the winter of 2017, the Daqing Oilfield Co to protect the residents of gas supply as an important political task, carefully prepared "marketing plan" Itou Akiharu natural gas, to maximize the production of gas well load.

  Adhere to the top-level design of natural gas development system of Daqing oilfield, advance planning, careful arrangements, contradictions and problems existing in various aspects of overall coordination, supply and sales, efforts to reduce the oil production plant for gas dissolved in gas production, improve gas gas gathering rate and yield the maximum, the strict implementation of the allocation program in gas production in. At the same time, the new production capacity of the organization and gas field will be put into production to maximize the gas production capacity and improve the quantity of natural gas.

  Natural gas development department held once a week of productivity construction video will be held once a month, will promote the construction of natural gas production, and further improve the natural gas sales monthly meeting system, straighten out the solution of natural gas sales planning, the procedures, the completion of production tasks, to ensure that the use of natural gas in winter area lay the foundation for the whole year.

  In management, Daqing oilfield first introduced the production of lysis gas into the performance appraisal for the first time. According to the crude oil output and the ratio of gas to oil, the production of dissolved gas was strictly decomposed, prompting all units to speed up energy saving transformation, and strictly control the temperature of crude oil gathering and heating and the heating temperature of stations.

  Natural gas production has been characterized by "higher in winter and lower in the natural gas development department fully play a role in peak shaving storage and organization of the six factory of Daqing oil production quality and quantity to complete compressor repair work. In the summer of 2017, we made every effort to optimize the operation of gas injection units, adjust the gas injection wells and gas injection volume. Under the premise of ensuring safety, the gas injection was more than 100 million cubic meters, which laid the foundation for reducing gas vent. In winter, it is difficult to overcome frequent plugging and increase of methanol filling. The daily gas production is 900 thousand to 1 million cubic meters, and has been running at a high level. The gas recovery period is estimated to be 110 million to 120 million cubic meters in the whole gas production period.

  Gas production company fully developed gas peaking "winter opened in summer" rational production technology innovation, low yield wells management method, carry out the "three step" in Xushen 6 gathering stations, namely fast heat and optimization of alcohol injection, balance drainage field test, open wells rate increased by 30%. At the same time, comprehensive measures are also carried out to dig potential, making up for the decline of the output of the old area.

  As the largest gas processing base, natural gas companies around the "multi set production gas hydrocarbon, gas and reduce gas venting objectives, through the optimization of production organization, to ensure the long-term stable operation of production device, completed on time and Xushen 9 two in cryogenic phase transformation device put into operation, maintenance time compression. At the same time, the North II-1 valve group was transformed to realize the "self pressure + supercharging" dual gas regulating mode, to improve the air conditioning flexibility and increase the cumulative gas adjustment by 19 million cubic meters.

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