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Daqing Petrochemical fine chemical development to high-end depth

Daqing Petrochemical fine chemical development to high-end depth

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  China Petroleum network news, Daqing Petrochemical strengthen scientific and technological innovation driven, accelerate the pace of product restructuring, and constantly develop new products of high performance and high quality. As of August 22nd, Daqing Petrochemical Co plastic factory linear devices successfully produce 7200 tons of DQDN3711 polyethylene new products.

  Since the beginning of the year, Daqing Petrochemical has accumulated more than 26 tons of new plastic products, compared with the conventional brand, more than 4000 yuan. This is a new bright spot for Daqing Petrochemical to continue to deepen reform and strengthen management innovation.

  Earlier this year, the chemical market warmer, profitable space continued to improve. Daqing Petrochemical seize the favorable opportunity, will shut down the ethylene plant for 5 years to resume production, which optimize the parallel 3 sets of ethylene, ethylene production increased to about 3250 tons per day, for the early development of ethylene production 1 million 100 thousand tons, 3 billion yuan profit targets and lay a solid foundation, the industrial scale advantages fully released, produced strong pulling effect on downstream industries.

  As China's first large-scale ethylene technology of domestic process package design project, the comprehensive energy consumption, Daqing Petrochemical 600 thousand tons / year ethylene diene yield and thermal efficiency of cracking furnace and other indicators are the international advanced level. Since it was put into operation, the unit has produced more than 1400 tons of ethylene, and the output of ethylene is close to 1/5 of China's total oil output.

  Daqing Petrochemical targeting income Chuangxiao goal, give full play to advantages of refining chemical integration, through internal and external resources to expand the chemical raw materials, optimizing the structure of raw materials, ensure the quality of ethylene cracker "satiate", to ensure the stable operation of the economy for long period. The first half of this year, the amount of raw materials into the plant exceeded 18 thousand tons, effectively ensuring the 3 sets of ethylene operation of raw materials demand, ethylene, propylene, butadiene and MTBE production reached a record high. Chemical realized book profit of 886 million yuan, more than the budget progress of 36 million yuan.

  Sufficient ethylene "tap" raw materials, for the downstream chemical industry chain extension, agglomeration and value-added created conditions. Daqing Petrochemical focus on long-term development, and actively promote the two million tons of oil refining and chemical raw materials supporting multiple optimization project, to stimulate ethylene downstream industry high-end new product development as one of the important ways to improve the product quantity, promote the growth of economy, increasing new product development efforts.

  In the planning of production, Daqing petrochemical and major regional sales companies actively docking, according to market demand, optimize product brand, and achieve structural benefits. In the polyethylene product structure, increase production and efficient products, increase efficiency 2 million 590 thousand yuan. In addition, new products such as metallocene have been developed smoothly, and the overall efficiency of the chemical industry has been improved.

  As the first annual output of 500 tons of new acrylic fiber products research base, Daqing Petrochemical increasing speed of new acrylic fiber products R & D and innovation ability, has completed the project 3.33 dtex flat fiber, ultra high shrinkage fiber. Up to now, the company has completed 1.2 denier acrylic air conditioning fiber new product development, production tasks.

  CTB-002 fiber is a new type of fiber developed by Daqing Petrochemical Company based on market demand. It has the characteristics of super fine, soft and anti pilling, and has a large profit margin. This year, Daqing Petrochemical successfully amplified the production of CTB-002 new products 305 tons, the product through laboratory analysis, the indicators have reached the desired requirements, shipped to Jiangsu and Zhejiang target market.

  At the beginning of this year, SAN resin plant successfully produced qualified products, realized the Daqing Petrochemical high nitrile SAN and sheet ABS resin from scratch. SAN resin plant as the group, major field test project "high nitrile SAN and ABS resin sheet complete technology industrialization experiment" is the main part of the project, the original production of polystyrene plant into an annual production capacity of 20 thousand tons. Sheet ABS resin is widely used in the manufacture of fans, refrigerators, fresh-keeping boxes and meter housings, and has become a new point of growth.

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