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Crude oil trends better, domestic oil prices slowly rise

Crude oil trends better, domestic oil prices slowly rise

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  China oil network news October 17th, Chinese oil Tennessee Gas Transmission Co Beijing branch held the nineteen party insurance for swearing will oil. The branch leadership team members, department heads and staff representatives face the flag solemnly read swearing slogans, determination and confidence in the nineteen party determined to complete the task for paul.

  According to the transport company Beijing branch Party committee arrangements, careful planning, careful arrangements, October 9th had entered the special security for the state of war. Established by the leading group, office staff composed of security for the inspection team, to establish the guarantee mechanism of the unified command, coordination, responsible for the classification, for all vehicles, equipment and personnel to carry out a dragnet inspection to ensure full coverage, an important part of security risk facilities, ensure the operation of vehicles, equipment availability. At the same time, improve the emergency mechanism and stability and terrorism prevention work plan, refine the emergency handling steps, to ensure unified command, quick response, scientific response, properly handle all kinds of emergencies. At the same time, pay close attention to standardize the process, standardize operation, standardize management, improve service quality.

  In from October 1st to 17th, Beijing branch company dispatched 2603 trips, pulling 46 thousand and 900 tons of oil, to ensure the smooth supply of 389 gas stations in Beijing oil products.

  Saudi Arabia plans to further cut the supply of crude oil production continued to support the heart, this year the market to cut the implementation rate of fears has largely dissipated, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has repeatedly said publicly that the oil market is steadily to balance. The good news of the dominant international crude oil is slowly rising. Today Beijing time in October 11th: the fourth working days, JOYOU estimates the rate of change of crude oil was -1.33%, JOYOU crude oil valued 53.665 U.S. dollars / barrel, compared with the benchmark price of 0.722 U.S. dollars / barrel, temporarily expected 20 refined oil price zero zero down 20 yuan / ton.

  In October 11th, JOYOU monitored the wholesale price of petroleum and Sinopec in 30 major provinces and municipalities in China: four 0# diesel for 6170 yuan / ton, 21 yuan / ton higher than the previous working day, 759 yuan / ton lower than the average price in retail place. State five 92# gasoline is 7028 yuan / ton, compared with the previous working day fell 9 yuan / ton; the country five 0# diesel oil is 6392 yuan / ton, compared with the previous working day up 18 yuan / ton; gasoline and diesel are lower than retail average price of 1498 and 658 yuan / ton.

  Today, driven by international crude oil inflation, oil prices in most parts of China are stable and narrow, rising at a range of 50-100 yuan / ton. Regional market shipments of more light, the main oil for the manipulation of enthusiasm is not high, temporarily stable price shipments, pushing up the area's main industry is trying to take advantage of rising oil prices driven replenishment phenomenon. The festival atmosphere to refining, purchase and sale market is also not improved obviously, but the latter will have a number of operators replenishment phenomenon, therefore to refining crude oil prices by the potential to continue to push up oil prices 30-50 yuan / ton.

  At present, the international good news is worse than bad, crude oil continued to rise in the latter may be larger. The domestic oil price adjustment is only showing a slight downward trend, stranded expectations, the reversal is still possible. Domestic, driven by crude oil rising, the latter will not be strong, the main business will increase oil prices at any time, and refinery prices will continue to rise slightly.

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