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Cippe2018 world oil equipment conference is on display in Beijing

Cippe2018 world oil equipment conference is on display in Beijing

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    In March 27th, the annual world oil equipment conference -- the eighteenth China International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe2018) was opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Museum). The exhibition for a period of 3 days, the exhibition area of 90 thousand square meters, attracted nearly 1800 companies from 65 countries and regions worldwide exhibitors, including the world's top 500 enterprises 46, 18 international pavilions.

With the gradual recovery of the oil industry, the atmosphere of the oil exhibition is very active.
On the scale, almost all petroleum equipment and technology service enterprises in the petroleum industry participated in the exhibition.
In terms of specifications, PetroChina and Sinopec, apart from traditional equipment enterprises, such as Daqing oilfield, Xinjiang oilfield, Ji Dong oilfield, Shengli oil field, have set up booths to show the latest technological achievements.
It is particularly worth mentioning is the world's largest oil service best in the E1 entry of the Schlumberger position, all kinds of technology and products display the entire product line with a large booth.
The largest private oil and gas Chinese equipment and technology services company Corey oil not only shows the equipment, oil services, electricity providers, Vico (training) of four major business segments, it is with the AR, VR, holographic technology is the most advanced information technology.
The opening ceremony of the global oil equipment industry leaders summit was officially opened.
This year's exhibition and the first visit compared to a marked increase in the number of bustling, a wave of inside, visitors continue to increase, as the descendants of the dragon.
After entering the hall, everyone is looking at the map prepared by the Organizing Committee for everyone. The organizing committee has organized a very orderly organization.
Seven plate layout of the whole industry chain display
    Cippe is well aware of the development trend of the oil industry. In 2018, cippe in the petroleum and petrochemical equipment, shale gas equipment, marine oil and gas equipment, marine equipment, natural gas equipment, pipeline and storage technology equipment, explosion-proof instruments and other seven section based on intelligent oil and increase communication equipment exhibition area, scientific research institutes and technological achievements exhibition area, valve fire protection, safety protection, industrial exhibition, new materials exhibition, exhibition and other environmental protection oil.
Three barrels of oil in the booth, thankfully, a leading international technology and equipment to be displayed.
The highly specialized and differentiated exhibition area provides a more professional and precise docking platform for the oil and gas industry procurement, which greatly facilitates the enterprises to focus on the latest products and technologies, and is also more convenient for professional buyers to visit.
The oil giants gather up to 46 of the top 500 enterprises
Cippe has established a good reputation in the industry for 18 years, and has established a strong basis for trust with exhibitors, and the customer's return rate is very high. This exhibition, the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, Scotland, Britain, France, Italy, South Korea and other 18 international pavilions will appear again.
The domestic and foreign well-known exhibitors gathered here, including Schlumberger, equipment and technology leader in the world.
The new well - well - well - logging related equipment launched by Kaiser has also attracted many Chinese and foreign visitors.
The oil and gas information network Chinese Pavilion, private enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the oil and gas information network Chinese organized screening several high-quality private enterprises in a group to participate.
In addition, the national oil and Caterpillar, ARIEL, Cummings, API, MTU, 3M, Milton, PSG, Atlas, Eaton, PPG, Atlas Copco, Haihong; CSIC, Chinese aerospace, Jerry, Corey, 31 group, JERRYWON, Antonoil, Shanghai, oil, Iron Tiger God western oil, Oriental SAST heavy industry group, the crown shaped, such as solid control, tiantonggufen, Dawson group, Tianjin forest, ocean king, Huarong explosion-proof, Shenyang Blower Group etc..
Global buyers invite professional spectators to gather
In 2018, cippe staff visited the oil-rich Middle East, America, Beihai oil region, oil producing region of North Africa, Southeast Asia and other places, to invite global buyers in the United States, Britain and Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Norway, Russia and other global oil and gas exploration and development of hot spots.
After years of development, the international influence of cippe has increased with the day. Especially cippe invited "The Belt and Road" along the oil countries and many international buyers to visit the procurement group, has greatly promoted Chinese oil and gas enterprises in the cooperation and development of Belt and Road Initiative along.
Saudi Arabian oil, Iran national oil, Iraq national oil, Yemen petroleum, Saudi Aramco, the national oil company, ADNOC Malaysia National Petroleum, Kuwait national oil, Venezuela's state oil, India Natural Gas Association, association of Middle East oil and many other "The Belt and Road along international buyers to visit the procurement group.
Nearly a hundred hot discussions of the industry's trend in the same period of the same period
At the same time, the exhibition is held in the same period of high-end forum, technical exchange and exhibitor products promotion meeting and other activities. The tenth international oil and gas industry forum invited academicians, experts, business representatives depth analysis of petroleum and natural gas industry development trend, the development of the industry in the wind.
Forum site
At the same time, in order to promote transactions between exhibitors and visitors, cippe is building a "one to one procurement docking conference", which is divided into industries, sub sectors, enterprises and buyers. The embassy held cippe2018 (oil and gas) promotion, from Russia, Canada, Britain, France, Norway, Australia, Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria and other countries of the embassy and the Ministry of Commerce representatives, and representatives of the Middle East Petroleum Association to promote local oil and gas policy, and the interpretation of dynamic and development direction the oil and gas industry, Chinese countries and bilateral trade and trade cooperation and policy direction, and share the experience of successful cooperation cases.
As the annual world oil equipment conference, cippe is not only a weathervane of industry development, but also a significant progress of China and even the global petroleum equipment industry. At the same time, it also set up an international platform for many enterprises to open up market and interact with each other.