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Changqing gas production plant two cumulative annual contribution of gas breakthrough 100 million cubic meters

Changqing gas production plant two cumulative annual contribution of gas breakthrough 100 million cubic meters

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  China oil gas recovery from the July 17th news network news came from the Changqing Oilfield two plants, the plant has been put into operation this year 102 new wells, increasing gas 1 million 680 thousand cubic meters, the total daily supply capacity of 1/8, annual cumulative volume exceeded 100 million cubic meters.

  Since the beginning of this year, gas recovery plant in Changqing Oilfield two capacity building efforts, focus on the annual production of 288 wells, Shenmu gas meters 38 years to block 500 million cubic meters of production area and 6 gas gathering station construction by God, inverted schedule, node control, strengthen supervision and other measures, hold production initiative battle right.

  In order to ensure the annual production tasks completed, Changqing Oilfield gas plant two years on the basis of capacity construction experience, put forward the "new and legacy engineering both hands, synchronous, quality and safety, excellent double standards implementation strategy, through the breakdown of key projects, make annual work plan and operation of large scale the gas production schedule, the implementation of the" 20 day synchronous node target management "and" 1310 "work law, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of construction units, improve the efficiency of the work surface, accelerate the progress of implementation.

  Changqing Oilfield gas plant in the early two new projects started to speed up the legacy of single well region, external coordination and construction schedule, to ensure that the conditions of the early production of single well and multi supply.

  In Shenmu gas field, gas production plant two preferred single well gas gathering trunk and branch has been completed, focus on speeding up the factory production schedule to the current production site, wells 84, the daily added 1 million 260 thousand cubic meters of gas; in the Southern District of Yulin and Zizhou Gas Field, priority has not been put into operation after horizontal well test for horizontal well, high yield wells and in 2016 the temporary site insertion lose, ensure that the first time capacity into full play, the current production wells 8, the daily added 260 thousand cubic meters of gas.

  In the premise of ensuring safety and quality supervision, Changqing Oilfield gas starting from the source of the two factory, strict design, material entry Treasury clearance, the assessment team, the construction process supervision and other checkpoints, and real-time supervision and supervision units, to achieve seamless organization; a "three fixed" activity at least each month, technical personnel to go to the scene, a total of 128 reform issues, all kinds of pipeline overall qualified rate remained above 96%.

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