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Changqing Zizhou 8 new wells capital supply adds force"

Changqing Zizhou 8 new wells capital supply adds force"

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  Chinese oil network news in early October 21st 10, with 4 stations 2 meters clear branch valve opening, 2 meters of Zizhou Gas Field gas gathering station once successfully put into operation. Strong natural gas flow along the set of gas transmission trunk line, into the Jing Jing pipeline, transported to the capital Beijing, for thousands of families living downstream to bring warmth.

  After the 14 gas wells in the meter 2 gas gathering station have been put into production, the daily gas output can reach 430 thousand cubic meters." Changqing Oilfield gas plant two work area four manager Ma Jundi said, "at present, 2 meters of gas gathering station has been put into operation on 8 wells, gas volume reached 190 thousand cubic meters, can meet the needs of a county in winter day heating, life."

  As the gas supply to the capital Beijing and Changqing Oilfield in North China and throat hub, two gas station is in charge of the Changqing oil field 2/3 natural gas production and transportation tasks, shouldering the gas supply to the Shaanxi Beijing line of major political task and social responsibility.

  Since the fourth quarter, with the decrease of temperature, gas production plant two more precise organization of natural gas production, new production capacity to accelerate more robust pace, through technology and stable production expansion, improve natural gas production capacity to maximize production, efforts to solve the difficulty of increasing the contradiction and downstream gas consumption greatly the party's nineteen, to ensure the safety during the peak winter and adequate supply.

  "The only production on the work of natural gas production on the amount of guarantee." Production and construction project manager Peng Lei said, "according to the change of the peak of gas production demand, we will continue to adjust and optimize the production planning, to further improve the production efficiency of construction, actively grab new investment and wells, the new station, to ensure the supply of natural gas."

  At present, two gas plant gas production has been maintained for several days running in more than 12 million cubic meters high, to the Shaanxi Beijing line transfer volume reached 50 million cubic meters, to protect the surrounding towns of Beijing, capital of North China area and gas supply of natural gas.

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