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Changqing Oilfield surging tide of joining the party"

Changqing Oilfield surging tide of joining the party"

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  Recently, 9 employees have submitted the application for Party membership to the party organization in Xue Cha operation area of the nine oil production plant of Changqing oilfield. According to incomplete statistics, since the end of the nineteen major victories of the party, more than 300 employees have applied to join the Communist Party of China in Changqing oilfield.

  The nineteen is a grand meeting held in the critical period of building a well-off society in an all-round way and entering a new era with Chinese characteristics. Changqing Oilfield from the government to the front line, from leading cadres to the grass-roots staff, with great enthusiasm to study and implement the nineteen spirits.

  "We should learn the spirit of our party nineteen." Recently, Changqing oilfield operation District Xue Xue Cha two central station security Zhanfuzhanchang Yuan Jinzhi to the organization submitted an application to join the party, "as a grass-roots front-line staff, study and implement the spirit of nineteen, is to continue to strengthen their business skills learning, active learning to the side of the outstanding communist party member, to make a contribution in oilfield development."

  In July this year to participate in the work of the "90" college students Liu Zhe Changqing Oilfield two plants in Huachi operation area said: "Nineteen report, general secretary Xi Jinping of our young people expect, let me full of confidence for the future."

  Changqing Oilfield 12 wells in Longdong Oil Qing Qing twelve station staff Zhao Jinyong said: "after nineteen Congress, I seriously study and understand the spirit of the report, I again submitted the application, to a party member standard is more strict demands on themselves, earnestly fulfill their duties, make their own efforts for the protection of the state energy security."

  Among the applicants submitted to the party, there are college students who have just participated in the work, basic staff and retired workers. In recent years, the party organization of Changqing Oilfield adhere to strict standards and high requirements, do the work of developing party members, focusing on the development of Party members in the grassroots level, operation workers and scientific research personnel, constantly optimize the proportion of Party members, Party members strictly close the entrance, earnestly joining into the inspection and training, study and education, to ensure that the best seedling delivery to the party to.

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