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Changqing Oilfield 5000 yield low yield wells singing songs

Changqing Oilfield 5000 yield low yield wells singing songs

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  China oil network news in January 2nd, with another batch of Sulige gas field of more than 20 low yield wells measures of success, Changqing Oilfield since 2017, has more than 5000 low yield wells completely "out of poverty", a winter gas supply effective go getters "".

  "In the more than 800 tone wells that we have carried out the measures, the best result of the single well day increase is above 30 thousand cubic meters." Wang Zhenjia, the director of Changqing gas production four factory, said, "our low production and inefficient wells in 2017 increased production work and completed the task in 1 months ahead of time."

  Changqing Oilfield Development in Jingbian, Yulin, Mizhi, Shenmu, Sulige gas area, belongs to low permeability, low pressure, low abundance of "three low" reservoir, decreasing speed. 50% of the 1.2 million gas wells in Changqing Oilfield belong to the ranks of low production wells (daily output is less than 5000 cubic meters). Therefore, how to control the production wells and the extent of their exertion directly affect the development of gas fields.

  With an annual output of more than 8 billion cubic meters of gas gas plant, active use of mature technology, have accurate pulse for every wells to find out the "condition" and "drug fast". After the start of winter gas supply, the plant on the one hand through the dynamic adjustment, the implementation of more than 100 wells will bubble row measures, continue to improve the single well production, the medicament filling way global exhaust 10 wells by conventional oil filling for oil casing separately adjustment synchronous filling, enhance the effect of measures. On the other hand, the new plunger gas lift drainage and gas production well has 25 outlets, and the scale of the plunger gas lift drainage to the 84 wells has increased to 200 thousand cubic meters daily. At present, 664 wells of drainage and gas production have been carried out in the first plant of mining and gas production, and 18 thousand wells have been carried out, and 451 million 710 thousand cubic meters of natural gas have been increased.

  Take the central Sulige gas field development four plants, causes of different production conditions, low yield wells by mouth to find out the restricted capacity to play, and to develop gas process measures of different types of gas wells and gas drainage according to different production rules and effusion, the implementation of "personalized production management mode of a kind of method to process". Since the peak of gas supply only, the four plant of gas production has carried out 1289 wells in the low production wells, and increased the production of natural gas by 25 million 600 thousand cubic meters. Especially for the two wells in Su 6 block, the factory opened the well after releasing the restrictor in the hole filling well, and the output increased from 1 thousand cubic meters to 15 thousand cubic meters per day before the construction.

  Three gas plant in Sulige gas field of single well low yield, low yield wells wells increases quickly, short production period and production decline fast, stable gas field is very difficult, according to the applicable field of different processes, summed up to adapt to the development of Sulige gas field gas drainage technology series, and established the "West Sulige intelligent agent, intelligent plunger, intelligent house" as the main technology of digital drainage gas demonstration area, to further improve the gas efficiency of foam drainage measures. In 2017, a total of 15 thousand and 600 wells of foam drainage and gas production were carried out in three gas production plants, and 156 million cubic meters of production were increased.

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