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Changqing Oilfield: carbon dioxide flooding exploration and development of new ways

Changqing Oilfield: carbon dioxide flooding exploration and development of new ways

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  China Petroleum network news was informed that the national demonstration project - Changqing Oilfield, Huang 3 carbon dioxide flooding (CCUS) pilot test commissioning project successfully put into operation more than 20 days, the indicators have reached the design level.

  Carbon dioxide flooding technology in tight oil development, not only a substantial increase in the level of oil field development, realize the efficient development of low permeability oilfield, so hidden deep in the residual oil and can be delivered from oppression, the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide underground storage, to achieve both displacement and energy conservation and emission reduction in the.

  China oil has long been committed to carbon dioxide flooding and storage technology research and development, April 2014, sponsored by the Federation of petrochemical industry, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology, the National Energy Bureau, China Academy of engineering and China petroleum, Shenhua Group Organization determined that development of Changqing Oilfield two carbon dioxide flooding pilot test. In September 2014, China Petroleum Corporation passed the research and application of key technologies for carbon dioxide flooding and storage in low permeability reservoirs of Changqing oilfield.

  Changqing Oilfield has set up a pilot group of carbon dioxide flooding pilot project to improve oil recovery, and the relevant departments and units of the company have worked closely together. They have been involved in many fields to promote the implementation of the project and to optimize the program. In the process of construction, with the Jilin oilfield cooperation, after 3 years of hard exploration and hard work, in July 1st, the first gas injection well was successfully injected in the test station.

  The Huang 3 test area is a typical ultra-low permeability reservoir, and the waterflooding efficiency is low. The test has dual roles of CO2 emission reduction and eor. After the overall construction of the project is completed, the gas injection task of 9 wells can be realized, and the corresponding 38 producing wells can be predicted to achieve 376 thousand tons of gas injection, 315 thousand tons of oil production and 73.2% of the carbon dioxide storage rate by 15 years. Compared with water flooding, the increase of oil can reach 199 thousand tons, and the recovery rate can be increased by 10.1 percentage points.

  The pilot test of carbon dioxide flooding test in Huang 3 area has successfully achieved many targets such as gas transportation, gas storage and unloading, system commissioning, carbon dioxide injection and so on. The accumulation of these experiences will be of guiding significance for the formation of 100 thousand ton carbon dioxide pilot test area and the construction of a megaton demonstration project in Ordos Basin in the late period.

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