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Changqing Oilfield: build national demonstration base for tight oil development

Changqing Oilfield: build national demonstration base for tight oil development

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  "This is the most horizontal well in the West 233 block, which is the first well in the national tight oil development demonstration project." In November 15th, in the Longdong tight oil test area, the Changqing oilfield oil and Gas Technology Research Institute of Changqing Oilfield fracturing technology research, a party branch secretary Xue Xiaojia said.

  As a kind of unconventional oil resource, tight oil has the characteristics of low porosity and low permeability, its formation mechanism is more complex, the pore throat is more subtle, the content of interstitial substance is higher, and the exploration is more difficult." Changqing Oilfield experts describe the high permeability reservoir is equivalent to the car on the highway to walk, flow in tight oil and gas reservoir in Changqing Oilfield is like walking in the "trail". Therefore, mining is very difficult, technology is very important.

  It is understood that in recent years, the development of unconventional energy, represented by dense oil and shale oil and gas, has been growing rapidly, and has gradually become the main force in the global supply of new fossil energy. According to the new round of oil and gas resources evaluation of the Ministry of land and resources, in China's recoverable oil resources, tight oil accounts for about 2/5. Tight oil reserves are very large in Ordos Basin, but its grade is low, physical property is poor and mining difficulty is high.

  As for the steady production of 50 million tons of resources, in the early years of exploration in Changqing Oilfield on the basis of the test, the end of September this year, the establishment of the company level tight oil development project group, established in the relevant units to support the group of tight oil projects, and drilling, logging and oil test, scientific research and other parties, the formation of integration, integration, rapid effective working mode.

  Behind the development of resources is the strong support of strong technology. By using the most cutting-edge technology at home and abroad, combined with the actual tight oil reservoir Ordos basin, Changqing Oilfield has explored the formation of horizontal well location optimization technology, tight oil horizontal well drilling and completion technology, tight oil and water injection energy development technology, with large diameter bridge plug + fast soluble ball + conventional tubing drilling plug "the core of the high volume fracturing technology system, elaborate factory operations, in accordance with the" one site plan "to vigorously promote industrialized operation.

  In addition to technological progress, the development of tight oil industry also benefited from rapid and efficient on-site organization. Water is the biggest bottleneck that restricts the operation of tight oil in Loess Plateau of Longdong Loess plateau. Therefore, in accordance with the principle of "simple, mature, use, economy", this year in Longdong block of tight oil, through the use of "advanced storage, tanker water supply, personnel stay, continuous construction" mode, strengthen the production organization guarantee, high efficiency completion of fracturing operation. It is understood that this year in Longdong block there is a tight oil horizontal wells, creating more than 20 days of fracturing 38 records.

  According to the tight oil project group related personnel, in accordance with the "management platform, regional co-ordination, integration of operation ideas, tight oil development assembly sounded after just over a month, the first batch of acceptance, the first batch of all wells have been deployed, the first batch of drilling rig has horizontal well drilling, has been the first batch of the basic form of the test plan, advance the implementation of preparatory work has achieved initial success, tight oil project a good start.

  It is understood that in recent years, Changqing Oilfield actively carry out tight oil test, after the preliminary evaluation, exploration technology, innovation, enhance and expand the four stages of testing, has opened up three tight oil exploration and development test area. Laying a solid foundation for steady production of 50 million tons of resources.

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