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Changqing Ansai oilfield has sealed 1500 wells in 10 years

Changqing Ansai oilfield has sealed 1500 wells in 10 years

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  China oil network news in August 20th, with the 216 plug completely shut down wells, Wang 20-131 wells, Wang 25-62 wells and a group of wells, 10 years in Changqing Ansai oilfield has been closed in 1500 wells.

  The Ansai oilfield, which is first developed by Changqing oil production plant, is located in the fragile ecological region of Yanan region in northern Shaanxi province. Oilfield development area, Zhongshan, Wang Yao reservoir reservoir Hongzhuang reservoir and long river, river, Yanhe River, Ogawa apricot. The "three reservoirs and four rivers" are all water sources and ecological protection areas, in which the Wang Yao reservoir is responsible for the domestic water consumption of 500 thousand inhabitants in the lower reaches of Yanan. Ansai oil production of oil wells, more than 10 thousand, more than 50% in the upper reaches of Wangyao Reservoir, safety and environmental responsibility is extremely important.

  Changqing Oilfield ecological protection in the first place, to achieve oil production and environmental protection design, with the deployment, with the implementation, examination and assessment, from the operation of the road construction, drilling well site reconnaissance, to shut down the disposal of invalid wells, in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of environmental protection work, and strive to no danger of anything going wrong.

  10 years ago, the Yanan municipal Party committee and the municipal government formulated the measures for the management of water sources and environmental protection. Changqing Oilfield in that year in the Wang kiln reservoir protection area closed 102 wells, oil collection station 3, and invested about 60000000 yuan of funds, the 26 sets of oil pipelines were modified relocation.

  The new "two laws" after the promulgation of a production plant in the height of responsibility to the country responsible, responsible for their own living environment, a wells wells, a pipeline, a pipeline, a station, a station of precision environmental assessment, found hidden immediate rectification. As of now, oil production plant has been rectification environmental hazards more than 120 this year, including the 75 wells has been completely closed, a lot of oil output closed more than 3 tons.

  Oil factory responsible person said, Feng Ting has spent heavily barreler out, many still in production, really distressed. But as a collective of legal persons responsible for the residents and the environment, the development of resources must give way to environmental protection.

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