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April 4, 2018, three minutes of global energy information

April 4, 2018, three minutes of global energy information

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Today's oil price


    Analysts believe that, in the case of no significant changes in the fundamentals, the international oil price of 2 days has a slight drop, 3 US stocks steadily rebounded to eliminate market tension, investors buy on the dips to push up the day's international oil prices. By the end of the day, the New York Mercantile Exchange's May light crude oil futures price rose 0.50 U.S. dollars, closing at 63.51 dollars per barrel, or 0.79%. Brent crude oil futures for June delivery rose 0.48 US dollars to close at $68.12 a barrel, or 0.71%.


Today's headline


    Saudi Arabia's state-owned television station, citing Saudi Arabia's Alliance statement on Tuesday, reported on Tuesday that a Saudi tanker was attacked in the Red Sea, located near the Yemen's important port city of Hodeidah, Hodeidah (Hodeidah). The pro Iran armed forces said the Saudi air raid on Hodeidah in Yemen on Monday, in response to the attack, had targeted the joint fleet in the Red Sea. (CNBC)


    In April 3rd, the National Bureau of land and resources of Anhui province was informed that the comprehensive evaluation report on coal seam gas and shale gas exploration in the deep periphery of Huainan coalfield was evaluated by experts and evaluated as "excellent" grade. For the first time, the project identified the combination of natural gas (coal bed gas and shale gas) in Huainan coalfield, and the total amount of natural gas geological resources of coal measures 97 billion 937 million cubic meters.


International Energy Information


    In October this year, Dalian Hengli Petrochemical 20 million tons / annual refining and chemical integration project will be put into operation, although its design is more heavy aromatics and downstream, but the output of 7 million tons / year of gasoline and diesel can not be ignored. With the production of large refinery projects, such as Hengli petrochemical and Zhoushan Zhejiang petrochemical, the advantages of Shandong refinery have been obviously shrinking, which means that the competition of domestic product oil market is more intense, and many refinery enterprises will have to integrate.


    Sinochemical group's Zhonghua Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the export trading pilot of block chain application, aiming at a ship's gasoline export business from Quanzhou to Singapore. This is the first energy trade block chain application project with the participation of government departments in the world. It is also the first time in the world to include the block chain applications of all the key participants in the process of commodity trading. Compared with the traditional way, the application block chain can increase overall time efficiency by more than 50%, and reduce the financing cost of more than 30%. (Economic Reference)


    Recently, the regenerative and utilization technology of HyFine type waste mineral oil, developed by the Hebei Co., Ltd., has been reviewed by the experts of the Specialized Committee organization of the regenerated oil of China material regeneration Association. It is understood that at present, China produces about 10 million tons of waste mineral oil every year. Waste mineral oil contains a variety of toxic substances, if incorrectly incineration, it will release a large number of toxic smoke and dust, causing atmospheric environmental pollution; into the soil, can lead to plant death, the contaminated soil microbes become extinct, causing soil toxicity; into the drinking water source, 1 liters of waste mineral oil will bring 1 million liters of water pollution.


    Sinopec news: Author: Sinopec natural gas Shandong pipeline has a high volume of sales and sales in the first quarter. As of March 31st, Shandong gas pipeline company had a total sales volume of 1 billion 809 million cubic meters in the first quarter, which was 688 million cubic meters more than that of the same period last year, an increase of 61.37% over the same period last year.


    Oil industry analysts and executives often lament that the upstream investment in the oil industry has fallen sharply, and many have predicted a shortage of oil supply in the early 20s, when large investment in the oil and gas industry will drop sharply. But Wood Mackenzie, an energy consulting firm, said that the recent rise in oil prices and the decline in production costs (the low cost of deep water exploitation) have made a cautious optimism. The company predicts that global oil investment will increase this year. (Oil Price)


    Recently, Brazil national oil company plans to sell its 25% production capacity of its refinery. It is reported that Brazil national oil will sell its refinery capacity in the southern and northeastern part of Brazil in two groups.


    Iran President Hassan Rouhani said during a visit to Ashkhabad in March 27th that Turkmenistan was exploring the possibility of a natural gas swap deal with Iran in order to export fuel to a further market. In view of the cold relationship between Iran and Turkmenistan, Rouhani's visit to Turkmenistan's capital for two days is quite surprising. After the meeting between the two leaders, Rouhani said he was very satisfied with the natural gas swap deal. (Oil Price)


    The World Bank says that the global dependence on energy sources such as oil and coal is decreasing. Riccardo press, the world bank's global head of energy and mining, says the energy model is now a renewable energy for coal, which can become renewable energy in the future. Plit told us consumer news and business channel (CNBC) reporters that 10 to 12 years later, energy mode can become renewable energy and its storage. On 1 CNBC4, quoted Plit as saying that in the next few decades, the use of coal may be substantially reduced. "I think we will see coal gradually out of the energy structure over the next 30 years." (Xinhua News Agency)


    Russian energy department data showed that Russia's oil production rose in March, a new high since November, up to 11 million 970 thousand barrels a day, exceeding the output stipulated in the reduction agreement. Reuters reported that this is the first time that Russia has achieved an increase in oil production since December, the highest monthly oil production since April 2017. Russia's oil exports in February amounted to 10 million 950 thousand barrels per day, weighing 41 million 830 thousand tons, while the oil output in March amounted to 46 million 390 thousand tons. (Financial Tribune)


    Iran state television reported that the Russian state-owned ZarubezhneftOil led consortium and the Iran national gas company (NIOC) recently signed a $742 million, 10 year oil field development agreement to work together to develop two oil fields in the western Iran (Ilam).