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"One variable multi well" energy saving prospect

"One variable multi well" energy saving prospect

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  China Petroleum network news, as of September 4th, Daqing Putaohua oil field new type of pumping wells power distribution technology in the 47 wells in the Portuguese 10 wells test, the active power saving rate of 20.68%.

  With the development of Daqing oilfield, more and more machine production wells have been taken, and the well location is becoming more and more centralized. On the one hand, it brings convenience for production management, but also creates preconditions for the application of new energy saving technology.

  "A well equipped with a transformer is pump recovery well in Daqing oilfield application of distribution control mode most, but this" change a wells "traditional distribution mode not only control the low efficiency of the system, and in order to ensure the normal operation of pump recovery well, transformer capacity be set aside at least 20% of the margin, resulting in power grid capacity a large number of occupied, resulting in power transformer and machine wells, appeared on the big horse car condition.

  In July of this year, seven technicians of oil production plant 47 tested a new type of power distribution speed regulation system -- pumping unit DC bus group control system, which solved the difficult problem in 10 units of platform No. 6 in portugal. Liu Zonghui said, "compared with the traditional" one well, one change "model, our system is more energy efficient, and the average single well power factor can be increased from 70.3% to 96.7%. At the same time, this system has intelligent control function, can realize pumping peak alternating operation, reduce the total capacity of the system. In the past, the 10 pumping wells required 3 transformers, and now only 1 transformers are needed to meet production."

  This kind of "a multi well distribution speed model is to achieve centralized DC power supply of wells by installing the rectifier filter in transformer terminal device. At the same time, the inverter terminal is used to realize single well variable frequency speed regulation in the well production end. After calculation, active energy saving 10 test wells, the rate reached 20.68%, the power capacity decreased from 300 thousand to 100 thousand before test voltammetric voltammetry, the estimated annual saving 9.8 kwh Yuwanqian.

  Another advantage of our device is that it can be reused for generating power from the well. In the past, we can only use the resistance method in this part of power generation, so that it can be consumed in the form of heat energy. Now, we can make full use of it one hundred percent, so as to achieve a good energy saving effect." Wang Ruoquan, a technical officer of the engineering team, added.

  The new technology uses DC transmission, more stable transmission, less line loss, line loss is only 75% of AC transmission mode. And because most of the current electrical equipment can not directly use the direct current, it also has a very good anti-theft effect.

  It is understood that the system is particularly applicable to the number of wells between 4 to 20 wells or a well pattern of higher density of the well area. After preliminary screening, at present, Daqing Putaohua oil field can be applied to the platform without the modification of the line. There are about 39 platforms and 295 wells, and the application prospect is very broad.

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