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Particle Impact System


Particle Impact System

RuiLin Particle impact system is very successful in the market.
Model: RLCYG
Product Features: The diesel tanks include various sizes and volumes of oil tanks/diesel tanks/overhead diesel tanks, such as square diesel tank, square overhead diesel tank, round diesel tank, round overhead diesel tank, etc.
Advantages of the product: 
1 Design a reasonable scheme according to the matching requirements of the customer’s diesel engine. Use Q235 high-quality plate, with the thickness of 6mm (national standard). 
2. The plate of cylinder uses butt welding. The whole tank uses double-side welding. The tank body is bent by steel plate and welded, with flaw detection of welded joint and bulge test of tank body. 
3. The head uses standard butterfly spinning head with butt welding. 
4. The tank body is provided with a DN500 manhole. Manhole flange and blind flange are made by 16mm-thick steel plate, flat and undeformed. 
5. The cover plate of the manhole is provided with a DN65 flange oil-saving port to connect and disconnect the oil pipe. The oil-saving port is extended into the bottom of the tank, 200mm higher than the bottom of the tank. A welded elbow is used to protect the tank, which avoids the foam and agitation of sediment caused by refilling the oil. The manhole cover is also provided with a DN40 flange interface to install oil outlet pipe. The bottom of the tank is provided with a bottom valve. The top of the tank is provided with DN100 flange, and connected with a magnetic flap liquidometer. A DN50 flange connects with a ventilation cap. 
6. The tank body is reinforced by 3-4 50×50×4 angle steel rings and A-frame. 
7. The diesel tank is equipped with a stainless steel explosion-proof diesel pump inside and a liquidometer outside. 
8. The external surface of the tank body uses reinforced anticorrosive treatment: three-layer glass cloth and four-time asphalt paint. The surface of the tank uses anti-corrosive, abrasion-resistant marine paint. 
9. The tank body uses anti-thunder anti-static treatment. 
Design Pressure: constant pressure
Operating Temperature: ≤50°
Volume: 20m3, 30m3, 40m3, 50m3, 60m3, etc.
The tank body performs sand blasting treatment, with the rust-protection grade of Sa2.5, and uses anti-corrosive, abrasion-resistant marine paint. Coating structure: primer – finish - glass cloth – finish - glass cloth - two-layer finish, with total thickness of no less than 0.6mm. 
Service Life: 20 years
Standard: Oil tank is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard of Q/HFD 005-2012 Drilling Oil Tank 
The anti-corrosion of the tank accords with the standard of CNCIA-HG/T0001-2012 Painting and Inspection Criterion for Conductive and Anti-corrosion Coatings of Petroleum Tank 
Tangshan Ruilin Technology Co.,Ltd not only researches, develops, designs and produces mud circulating system, mud recovery system, equipment and tank, but also designs and produces new-type diesel tank. Our diesel tank uses high-quality plate (special steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. can be customized according to customer demands.), with complete models and volumes, such as square diesel tank, square overhead diesel tank, round diesel tank, round overhead diesel tank, etc. Our diesel tank is safe, reliable and competitive. Welcome to visit and investigate the company, or consult and purchase by telephone or e-mail. 
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