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HDD mud recycling equipment


HDD mud recycling equipment


  The goal of the mud recycling system is to separate the mud and gravel in the drilling fluid mud, and then ensure that the mud can be recycled, so as to save costs and protect the environment

  The characteristics of the trenchless mud purification system treatment plan are: 1) Clean up the mud with a large amount of sediment in the mud 2) The treated mud has high viscosity 3) The mud supply is continuous and the returned mud is not enough to meet the drilling requirements 4) Both sides of the crossing will return mud. 5) Reduce the amount of mud and pollution to the environment 6) The mud performance is stable, which can reduce the occurrence of underground safety accidents caused by mud with poor performance, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the crossing project.

  Different solutions can be designed according to the needs of customers. 200GPM,250GPM,500GPM,1000GPM,1500GPM

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