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FLC500 Flate Plate Shaker Screens


FLC500 Flate Plate Shaker Screens


Flat plate type shaker screens is 500 type. And also can be used in other flate type. Below is the technical parameters.

FLC500 Flate Plate Shaker Screens is currently the most commonly used oil vibrating screen, which can be widely used in drilling operations under different conditions. The product is usually composed of 2 to 3 layers of stainless steel mesh bonded on a perforated metal liner. At the same time, the screen is attached with a special rubber plug to repair the damage of the screen, which can effectively save time and reduce production costs.

RLFLC500 Flat Type Shaker Screens
Mesh API20-API40
Dimension Length:1050mm
Side Clamp height:52mm
Weight 6.0 kgs
Layer 2 or 3 layers
Wire mesh material SS304 or SS316
Frame material Carbon steel

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