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Xianyang sales Wugong service station pure gun sales completed the task for the whole year

Xianyang sales Wugong service station pure gun sales completed the task for the whole year

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  Reasonable layout, stimulate marketing potential

  Labor competition, realize the effect of increase in volume

  Model workers lead, enhance team vitality

  Incentive mechanism to improve employee morale

  Chinese oil network news as of October 21st, the Xianyang branch sales service area gas station pure martial arts gun sales volume totaled 22 thousand tons, the annual task of 100.2%, completed 70 days ahead of the annual sales target.

  At the beginning of this year, Xianyang sales based on accurately judged the market environment, through the whole process of diagnosis, establish the reasonable layout, oil, non interactive demonstration lead, incentive incremental marketing oriented, effectively solve the difficult problems in marketing, the martial arts service area gas station sales improved rapidly, the average daily sales increase of 10 tons.

  Reasonable layout, stimulate marketing potential. At the beginning of this year, Xianyang sales service for martial arts district station gasoline shed oil unreasonable arrangement, often adjust the vehicle queue, guard and other phenomena, timely adjustment of gasoline and diesel oil tank and oil ratio, position, and replace the gun oiling machine, improve the matching degree of petrol station equipment and steam firewood, the station average daily sales got rapid promotion.

  Labor competition, realize the effect of increase in volume. With this year's labor contest, the station in the service area to carry out into the parking lot, Rest Area, into the supermarket, water, fruit stalls in the garage into the dining room, "six into activities, the site of various promotional activities to customers every day, constantly improve the pure gun sales. Outside the service area, actively negotiate with the bus fleet, the check-in point will be set at this station, so as to further the entire fleet fixed in the station refueling.

  Model workers lead, enhance team vitality. Yong party as a model worker in Shaanxi Province, actively play a mentoring role model, advanced demonstration, guidance function, incentive effect, through words and deeds, the advanced demonstration effect maximization, resonate with other employees in thought, jointly do a good job of marketing.

  Incentive mechanism to improve employee morale. This station to "change brought to earn lazy, not a new two distribution system is the core idea of development, follow the" less money to be divided, the principle of distribution must not eat "," more pay for more work, do not work, one who works the punishment "policy. Driven by the new mechanism, the employees in the station form a competitive atmosphere of "ratio, learning, catching up, exceeding", which lays a solid foundation for the completion of the station sales task.

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