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What is the inclination angle of the oilfield shale shaker

What is the inclination angle of the oilfield shale shaker

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The installation inclination of oilfield shale shaker is generally determined according to the actual situation of the use site. The installation inclination of different vibrating screens is also different.

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The installation inclination range of the designed ordinary vibrating screen is: the installation inclination angle of the screen vibrating screen is generally about 30 degrees, the installation inclination angle of the ordinary vibrating screen is 0° to 15°, and the installation inclination angle of the dewatering type vibrating screen is from the discharge angle. The end is upwards 5°~10°.
The material of the linear oilfield shale shaker moves linearly on the screen surface. Typically, the screen will use an angle of inclination to provide acceleration for the flow of material on the screen. Therefore, the angle between the screen and the horizontal plane is usually set within 15°. When screening special materials, the angle of inclination can also be increased, but should not exceed 25°. When the linear vibrating screen equipment is working, it needs to be fixed on the plane with a bracket to prevent the displacement of the equipment caused by the vibration operation.
Probability screens are generally used in mines. The inclination angle of the sieve surface of each layer of probability sieve is different. The average speed of material movement is generally 0.15~0.3m/s, and the inclination angle of the designed equipment should be between 15°~60°. The inclination angle of the screen surface is large, which can reduce the phenomenon of hole blocking, and the material is easily discharged from the screen hole during vibration operation.
Circular oilfield shale shaker, also known as inertia vibrating screen and uniaxial vibrating screen, has two support modes: suspension support and seat support. The screen surface of the suspension bracket is fixed on the screen box, the screen box is suspended or supported by the spring, the main shaft bearing is installed on the screen box, and is driven by the pulley to rotate at high speed. The inclination angle of the circular vibrating screen is generally designed to be about 20°.