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What is oilfield shale shaker?

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The oilfield shale shaker is a kind of vibrating screening mechanical equipment suitable for dry screening of wet and fine-grained difficult-to-screen materials. It is currently a vibrating screening mechanical equipment for handling difficult-to-screen materials. The oilfield shale shaker has the technological characteristics of large amplitude, large vibration intensity, lower frequency and elastic screen surface. Maintain a large opening rate during the working process, so that the screening efficiency is high, the processing capacity is large, the sieve plate is convenient to replace, and the cost is reduced. The screen surface and large processing capacity of oilfield shale shaker can meet the needs of on-site production. The structure of the oilfield shale shaker screen adopts a multi-stage screen surface vibration mode, and the screen box and frame do not participate in the vibration movement, which makes the oilfield shale shaker large-scale.

oilfield shale shaker

Generally, the driving power of the vibrating screen needs to be small, so that the overall energy-saving and environmentally friendly production can be achieved. The motors are equipped with two-level motors or three-level motors, which can produce efficiently without wasting too much electric energy. In the current large-scale production environment, it is necessary to choose large-amplitude vibrating screen equipment. The general vibrating screen has an amplitude of 3,000 times per minute. When necessary, it needs to be equipped with shock absorption facilities to avoid excessively large vibrating screen equipment. Wear.

On the issue of adequate screening, oilfield shale shakers with different sieve openings should be selected for the corresponding materials, and the material of the screen surface should also be more impact-resistant, so as to withstand the processing capacity of the larger output and have the corresponding input. Material particle size. For materials with different particle sizes, choose different layers of oilfield shale shaker, but the materials need to be classified clearly so that different materials will not be mixed together.