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What are the characteristics of the submersible Slurry Pump?

What are the characteristics of the submersible Slurry Pump?

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As a new pillar of national economy, the importance of environmental protection industry development has been improve, cleaning sediment management and water pollution source is imperative, there are some years accumulation in the sediment in the riverbed clean up pollution to the need to clean up and eliminate, sediment precipitation throughout the year and pollution mud agglomerate, harden and high concentration characteristics, it is the professional cleaning equipment submersible slurry pump products put forward higher requirements. In order to adapt to the development trend of our factory has produced a large particle size through the good, can be high concentration extraction, automatic mixing, overload prevention, wear-resistant and other advantages of high quality submersible Slurry pump.



Submersible Slurry pump features:



1. The whole machine is dry down-pump type, with simplified structure, easy operation and reduced total investment of the unit.



2. The machine can be directly close to the sedimentation surface when diving into the water. The concentration can be controlled by the depth of diving, and the sludge deposited in the water bottom can be stirred into turbulence and then extracted out. Free from suction limit, high slag absorption rate, dredging more thoroughly.



3. In addition to the main impeller, there is a mixing impeller at the bottom of the submersible Slurry pump, which does not need to be equipped with an auxiliary mixing or injection device. (In case of precipitate hardening and other special conditions, stirrer can be installed)



4. The main impeller and the stirring impeller and other flow parts are made of high chromium alloy steel with high hardness. It has strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, and can pass through large solid particles.



5. Selection of high quality submersible motor and oil chamber sealing mode, there are three sets of cemented carbide mechanical seal, can effectively prevent high pressure water and impurities into the motor cavity, ensure a long time of stable work.



Subdiving mud pump is the motor and water pump coaxial diving into the medium of hydraulic machinery, the product has high efficiency, strong wear resistance, with mixing, model complete, in the hydraulic, structural design innovation, flow parts using abrasion resistant high chromium wear-resistant alloy casting, is an ideal pumping sand, sand feeding equipment.