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Two factory of Changqing oil production to enhance profitability on idle assets

Two factory of Changqing oil production to enhance profitability on idle assets

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  The two oil production plant of Changqing faced the reality of the problem of underground mining difficult, aging equipment, investment in tension.


  With the old block low yield wells station shut down with the emergence of a large number of idle assets "laid off" or "waiting list".


  Weight, make an inventory of assets at the same time, reuse of idle material dispensing.


  Since the beginning of this year, by regulating the use and development of old equipment remanufacturing, the cost savings of more than 1100 yuan.

  As of November 7th, the two plant of Changqing Oilfield 68 idle pumping units used by the replacement of damaged parts, maintenance, rust, corrosion after investment, not only to bloom, and reduce the equipment purchase costs about 5 million yuan.

  As the main oil production plant of Changqing Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield two plant in the production of crude oil on the burden of. But in the past two years, in the face of underground mining difficult to aging equipment, investment cost, the actual tension pressure, lowering the efficiency become a great challenge to the enterprise must face. With some old pieces of low yield wells station shut down with a large number of idle assets, showing the "off" or "waiting list".

  To play the role of idle assets, since the beginning of this year, the factory set up a special leading group, the original equipment parts as main raw materials, the use of advanced technology, repair or add new materials, recycling of old equipment "down", "let the old" new re appointment, the stock of assets life value, make the existing idle assets "moving" and "live".

  In order to improve the quality of idle assets and profitability, the factory with their own reality, to continue to explore the efficient management of idle materials. The factory every year to work an asset inventory evaluation, grasp the status and use of idle assets, and in accordance with the division of health equipment idle equipment, divided into direct old and repair old two, the idle asset inventory system, often.

  Based on weight, make an inventory of assets, the establishment of idle materials swap platform in the factory, do material information open, standardized and adjust daily disposal. At the beginning of October, the factory again held a coordination meeting focused on the use of idle materials, for dispensing of idle goods. For the maintenance of idle pumping, single well pipeline equipment and facilities to carry out the good effect of the units, increase the assessment efforts to reward.

  Good policies to stimulate the power of grassroots revitalize assets. At present, the operation had been established idle equipment ledger, then adjust according to production needs at any time. The wells were set up basic equipment management team, strengthen the management and maintenance of idle equipment. This factory also strengthen the management of waste materials, reduce the invalid supplies occupied, supplies and equipment recycling can not timely disposal, to eliminate hidden dangers, to declare, "dead assets through recycling to achieve maximum benefit.

  This year, the two production plant is expected to be the annual use of idle oil pumping machine 84, direct procurement costs 7 million 560 thousand yuan, while the remanufacturing, only costs 966 thousand and 400 yuan, only this one is expected to save the cost of 6 million 593 thousand and 600 yuan.

  According to statistics, since the beginning of this year, the factory is regulating the use of oil pumping machine 68 sets, 4 sets of heating furnace, the plunger pump 6, remanufacturing pumping unit reducer 30, piston and valve plunger pump tubing 600, 120 thousand meters, saving money more than 1100 yuan.

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