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Turpan Hami downhole precision oil increase of 34 thousand tons

Turpan Hami downhole precision oil increase of 34 thousand tons

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  Chinese petroleum network news, Tuha Oilfield Company three block in Santanghu oilfield Ma Ma 56-181 wells by horizontal well ball fracturing after flowing production, Nissan 36.5 tons of oil, the effect of increase in yield, the wells become the Turpan Hami underground company "four accurate" Paul fracturing to promote the production of another sample wells.

  Since the beginning of this year, Turpan Hami oilfield downhole company by insisting on "four precision": precise geological research, fracturing design, liquid preparation, site construction, to promote fracturing quality and efficiency.

  Precise geological research. Study on static data driven the company to start, combined with the corresponding data of adjacent wells, injection wells, in-depth study of reservoir sand body plane and vertical distribution pattern, to further refine ofinterwell connectivity, improve the accuracy of geological research.

  Precision fracturing design. Reservoir parameter is the foundation and foundation of numerical simulation of fracturing, and it is directly related to the pertinence and efficiency of fracturing construction. On the basis of logging data, this company focuses on reservoir lithology, physical characteristics and construction parameters of the adjacent wells, and takes all the basic data into consideration so as to improve the pertinence and conformity of the design.

  Precise liquid preparation. The company strictly in accordance with the liquid system formula for liquid preparation, accurate various chemical material added amount, filling order and cycle time, each tank sampling test, to ensure that the quality of liquid qualified.

  Precise fracturing construction. Turpan Hami underground construction company before strict construction inspection, verification of fracturing equipment, liquid, proppant, technical clarification; construction in strict accordance with the design of construction, technical personnel tracking and monitoring, ensure the fracturing process discipline in the field in place.

  As of the end of July this year, Turpan Hami underground company total implementation of precision fracturing in 172 wells. The average daily gain of 378 tons of oil, fracturing efficiency of 86.6%, increased 34 thousand tons of oil. To make a positive contribution to the production of Tuha oilfield.

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