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Tuha oilfield to lighten the burden of assets and march forward with light weight

Tuha oilfield to lighten the burden of assets and march forward with light weight

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  China Petroleum Network News October 12th, Turpan Hami oilfield transportation engineering company through the oil field procurement management platform, the use of inventory backlog of auto parts value of 598 thousand and 700 yuan, for vehicle maintenance.

  In recent years, the total assets of Tuha oilfield has increased substantially, and the inefficient and invalid assets have increased, which has affected the overall economic efficiency of the oilfield. Since the beginning of this year, Turpan Hami oilfield continued to strengthen asset clean-up, cleaning up idle, inefficient assets of 135 million yuan, to be scrapped assets of 54 million yuan.

  Outside of the organization staff in Hami, Shanshan Turpan Hami oilfield base and each unit of production and office location of the housing asset inventory, complete the work assessment of Oil Mansion in Turpan, Turpan Hami CITS, idle vehicles and other assets, the Turpan Oil Mansion has been listed on the Beijing property exchange.

  Turpan Hami oilfield to accelerate the Shanshan county 10 contiguous land acquisition area change and inefficient land assets disposal, reduce the cost of land tenure. The increase of oil and gas wells, oil pipeline, equipment and facilities, production equipment, land assets and other assets management and inventory efforts, the first half of the idle and inefficient inventory of assets to be scrapped, moving through transfers, use and disposal of scrap, auction and other means to reduce the stock of assets, reduce the depreciation of fixed assets.

  Timely tracking changes of oilfield exploration and development progress, construction materials, construction plan, development, infrastructure, equipment and material department linkage mechanism, the establishment of technical parameters, general directory of the supplies used on the same working conditions and use of equipment, instruments, valves, the implementation of standardized procurement, so that a large number of idle "lay out from the storage of production materials to maximize value to the production site, is expected to be completed throughout the year 45 million yuan of idle supplies swap.

  The material management department of Tuha oilfield actively communicates with the development department, adjusts the drilling design, adjusts the use of stock 7 inches casing 3786 tons, has reduced the stock of 19 million 740 thousand yuan.

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