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Three minutes of global energy information

Three minutes of global energy information

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 Global energy information


      Data released by China's National Bureau of statistics on 19 th showed that in 2017, China's crude oil and natural gas production dropped by one liter, and both imports kept rising rapidly during the same period.


      In March 21st, President Wang Yilin and the United Arab Emirates China oil minister of state and Abu Dhabi's national oil company CEO Gabel in Abu Dhabi signed a cooperation agreement with the Qom oilfield development project Wumushayifu - Nussle oil field development project and. According to the terms of the agreement, the PetroChina Co Ltd has gained 10% of the two offshore oil field blocks in Abu Dhabi, with a period of 40 years of cooperation.


      China News Network 2018-03-22: CNOOC Hainan LNG bonded warehouse with a total capacity of 160 thousand cubic meters will be put into operation in March 21st, which will facilitate Hainan's liquefied natural gas transshipment trade and promote the development of LNG spot trading market in the Asia Pacific region. CNOOC Hainan LNG (liquefied natural gas) Co., Ltd. is the national LNG receiving station, the first application for bonded cans acceptance of the enterprise. After the bonded tank is put into operation, the enterprise will focus on the foreign LNG ship's cold storage and LNG tank container transport, which is expected to double the sales volume of the same year. The total investment of CNOOC Hainan LNG project is 6 billion 523 million yuan, which is made up of three parts, including the receiving station, the 260 thousand ton supporting terminal and the gas transmission pipeline. It was officially put into operation in 2014, and the total import volume is 1 million 2 thousand and 800 tons.


      Total said on the 19, the company has invested $1 billion 450 million from Abu Dhabi's supreme Petroleum Council and the Abu Dhabi National Petroleum Company got two new marine concession. According to the two new 40 years concession agreement, 20% rights and interests were obtained in the concession of UmmShaif and Nasr, and 5% rights in LowerZakum concession. These rights will make Total this year added 80 thousand barrels / day of oil production.


      The fast-food giant McDonald's Corp hopes to achieve a 36% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from its restaurants and offices by 2030. The company said it would work with franchisees and suppliers to work together to achieve this goal. At the same time, it is promised that by 2030, the emission intensity of food and packaging per metric ton in the supply chain will be reduced by 31% by 2030. The company says it is expected to block 1.5 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere through its actions.


      Russian media said, a former spy Yingeyin skripal poisoning generated diplomatic discord, facing the risk of economic conflict fermentation. British Prime Minister Teresa May has said it intends to reduce imports of natural gas. Alexander Novak, Russia's energy minister, responded in 19, saying that the search for alternative Russian energy will only bring losses to consumer countries.


      Despite Russia's commitment to limit its oil supply, people are worried about whether the reduction of OPEC and its allies is enough to solve the problem of oil oversupply, as the US prospectors restart the drilling boom and oil prices slide. The data showed that U.S. producers increased oil drilling platforms seventh times within 8 weeks, and New York futures prices fell 0.3%. Oil production is also growing, up to a record 10 million 400 thousand barrels a week.


      It is responsible for the iron and steel industry China anti monopoly and anti circumvention point of responding to the United States v. Covington & burling LLP partner Jean Ruixue introduced, in March 19th the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) issued a notice, decided to terminate the investigation 337. The committee decided that the plaintiff of the antitrust litigation should have antitrust damage, and the plaintiff could not prove that it had been subjected to the antitrust damage. Since then, the United States launched 337 investigations initiated by our steel companies, and three complaints commercial secrets, anti monopoly and anti circumvention litigation points have been completed after two years in China's steel enterprises.