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Things: water pressure is not smooth, 31 wells suffered negative effects, there are hidden dangers.

Things: water pressure is not smooth, 31 wells suffered negative effects, there are hidden dangers.

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  Because: water system pipeline up to 4000 meters, pressure loss is greater than 0.4MPa, supporting electric heater new energy consumption of 220 degrees.

  Fill: two water pressure is applied at 6 station water mixing system.

  Results: the operation of the oil well is normal, the system is stable, the labor intensity of the staff is reduced, and the annual savings cost is over 1 million 100 thousand yuan.

  "From 6 stations, 7 stations from 31 wells, production parameters are normal, and even a lot of mood."." At 8:20 on September 18th, Dagang oilfield oil production plant three operations, a district remote monitoring post staff Xiong Guoyu and Liu Jingmei handover class, looking at the data, a long sigh of relief.

  "Originally the most headaches, these wells almost every day changes in the well, not the oil well load, that is, oil pressure, back pressure fluctuations, to work worried not to say, light treatment change wells are busy.". Now, the water system has been pressed two times for more than 1 months, the well is normal, and our hanging heart finally comes down." Li Fuping quite agree well.

  A district under the jurisdiction of the Zaoyuan oil field is a "magic" oil, mining difficult, difficult management, physical properties of crude oil of high viscosity, high wax content, Gao Ning has a strong dependence on oil production with mixed "". With the adjacent Zilaitun oil field was opened, known as "a porcelain plate magician broken also a kick, the difficulty of exploitation and management difficulty is more difficult, all the year round cannot do without mixing with production.

  From the 6 station water system was put into operation in early 2006, as the starting point from a joint station, a total length of 4000 meters, directly from 1 stations, 2 stations, 6 stations, 7 stations and 4 natural station 45 wells to provide water supply, with 1200 cubic meters of water, which relates to an oil well oil production of about 110 tons.

  Due to long time operation, pipeline scaling, coupled with a long span, water pressure reaches the starting point from 6 down to 0.45MPa station, 7 station mixing water pressure further decreased by 0.1 MPa, 4 natural station under the jurisdiction of the well watered down part of the oil pressure is higher than the pressure of oil well, often by mixing the water and not affect production, there is a high wall wells risk. In order to ensure the normal production of the well, the staff have to add 5 electric heaters along the pipeline to increase the water temperature.

  According to statistics, since the 6 stations, 7 stations two natural station 31 wells, wells changes every year due to the change of load more than 80 wells, which can increase the labor intensity of workers, and the production rate decline, directly affect the output of crude oil 800 tons.

  For production difficulties, the operation area set up a special group, the focus will be adjusted since the 6 stations watering system optimization. In the investigation on water content, supporting pipeline and equipment, comprehensive energy consumption, management status and other conditions, they abandon the influence because of the high cost, long pipeline, pressure loss and other factors "from a joint station" scheme once to two times from 6 stations located in the pressure, to the maximum extent reduce the water pressure range, effectively reduce the starting point for mixing pump resulting from the 6 station water system capacity leakage phenomenon, and then realize the target outage of electric heater.

  Through 10 days of hard work, they successfully completed the mixing pump test, the process is perfect, gradually pressure, electric heater outage, single well test water and other workload 117 times, and see the intended effect. Since August 10th, 6 stations in water system two times pressure in full operation, water pressure 0.4MPa, the single well water pressure and single well formed 0.5-0.7MPa hydraulic pressure, obvious water effect of the single well back pressure drop in overall 0.15-0.2MPa, oil production more smoothly.

  As of now, the operation area outage electric heater 5, to achieve annual electricity savings of 1 million 50 thousand yuan, reduce the electric heater annual maintenance costs 60 thousand yuan, the new year with pump electricity 80 thousand yuan, the staff management strength, maintenance workload is greatly reduced, the production efficiency improved significantly.

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