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The world's first digital drilling ship, the oil and gas industry digital cavalry is coming, are you ready?

The world's first digital drilling ship, the oil and gas industry digital cavalry is coming, are you ready?

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    The birth of the world's first digital drilling ship opened another window for the digital revolution in the oil and gas industry. When the oil and gas industry embraces the digital revolution, who dare to accept and be brave to innovate, who will win!




    According to the official website GE information display, the Thursday GE and partner Nobel Corporation PLC jointly launched the world's first digital drilling ship, the digital drilling ship target is the target device operating costs reduced by 20%, and the occurrence of latent fault in the fault warning issued a few months ago, improve drilling efficiency.


    Digital transformation is no longer a new term, but the oil and gas industry has not yet widely accepted it. Until the oil price downturn in the past few years, digitalization has gained more attention. Now, compared to high output, people are more interested in pursuing higher profits, and digitization is one of the best. The birth of the world's first digital drilling rig is a solid step for exploring and releasing the potential of digitalized operation at sea.


The first digital drilling ship in the world


    GE and Nobel Corporation, a well known drilling contractor in the oil and gas industry, launched the world's first digital drilling ship on Thursday. The digital drilling ship solution is supported by GE's Predix industrial Internet of things (IIoT) platform and is currently deployed on the Noble Globetrotter I drilling ship. GE says that the digital drill is connected to all the target control systems, including the drilling control network, the power management system and the dynamic positioning system.


    We collect data through single sensor and control system focused on drilling ship, and send it to the GE Industrial Performance and Reliability Center in real time for prediction analysis. Ge Corp said its digital drilling rig and Predix SeaStream have captured many abnormal situations and alerts two months before the incident, and notify potential failures.


    "The potential of digitization will go beyond a single ship and open the door to the change of our entire fleet. Data backbone has paved the way for automatic drilling, and digital technology is promoting an unprecedented new era of drilling and asset performance improvement. Bernie Wolford, senior vice president of Noble, said in a press release.


    The two companies said they would soon start analyzing real-time data on the edge of the device to achieve performance improvements and localization of asset intelligence. The rest of the three "target ships" are planned to be optimized for digital operations at the beginning of this year.


The digital cavalry arrives, the brave man wins


    In fact, as early as March 2017, GE and Nobel Corporation have collaborated on collaborative development of digital drilling solutions, aiming to improve data processing efficiency through data analysis. For cooperation with GE, Noble Corporation PLC chairman, President and CEO David W. Williams has said that as the market dynamics change, the offshore oil and gas industry is at the cusp of change. Drilling contractors must seize the opportunity to improve their competitive advantage. "We believe that the steering of data - oriented decisions will have a significant impact on drilling efficiency. Our industry has to accept the digital revolution to be efficient and flexible, and Noble is the leading one. "


    Andy McKeran, general manager of marine solutions, said, "with Noble cooperation, we are in a unique position, from drilling operation to equipment expertise and software analysis skills, to work together to promote the overall transformation of the offshore oil and gas industry. We are happy to take an important step to achieve our future vision of more digital automation of the ocean business. "
    Before that, GE had worked with Maersk on the digital drilling platform in 2016. After the successful completion of the Maersk XLE drilling platform for 12 months, in July 2017, GE took the lead again, and Maersk expanded and cooperated. It extended the digitalization to 9 drilling platforms and reduced the operation cost of platform 20%.
    As it is known to all that the oil and gas industry is digitised, GE is not the only one. The digital management is not fully mature enough to become a comprehensive revolution in the upstream oil and gas industry, but it will become. Digitalization has the ability to help the industry maximize profits during the boom, while avoiding serious damage in difficult times. At the same time, the oil and gas industry is fully aware of the power of digital, and more and more upstream companies are scrambling to seize the opportunity to make full use of digital technology. The prudent International Energy Agency (IEA) also predicted last year that digital technology would reduce the cost of oil production by 10%-20%.
    And like any revolution, the avant-garde might have done better than the conservative. In this revolution, the Oil Natural Gas Corp will be the winner of tomorrow by making use of sustainable digitization to improve efficiency.
    As DDT consulting (Deloitte) said in its 2018 energy outlook, "the digital age seems to be faster than our previous industrial revolution, and it will naturally bring winners and losers. Regardless of the global trend of supply and demand, companies that are willing to innovate and invest can play their great value and remain financially stable. So, digital cavalry is coming, but it may not save everyone - the possibility of salvation is only those who have the courage to accept it.