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The red south beam is built with an annual output of 500 thousand tons of large oil fields

The red south beam is built with an annual output of 500 thousand tons of large oil fields

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  China network news from August 22nd two oil factory of Changqing oilfield operation District of Southern Liang came the good news: the oil Nissan broke through 1376 tons mark, marking the red field of the South beam built with an annual output of 500 thousand tons of crude oil in the oil field, more than three years of planning completed one year ahead, implemented since 2016 crude oil production exceeded 600 to 1370 tons of "eight even jump".

  This is a significant achievement in Changqing Oilfield in Yanan, Wu Qi, Huanjiang, Huachi, Yanwu red old built 500 thousand ton, million tons of oil after the Changqing is a gift to the offering of the party's nineteen.

  The South Ridge of Gansu province Huachi County, Shaanxi province and northeast Zhidan, Wuqi Dingbian, bordering the southwest province, Central County, adjacent to the water qingcheng. In 30s, Liu Zhidan, Xie Zichang, Xi Zhongxun and other proletarian revolutionaries established in Shaanxi Gansu Soviet government in the South beam, is the long march of the Red Army and the Anti Japanese base starting point, has a very important strategic position in the revolutionary history of modern Chinese. In 1970, Changqing launched oil exploration in the red loam. With the first oil field in South Liang - Shen 2 well producing 18.33 cubic meters of industrial oil flow, South Liang oilfield came into being.

  In recent years, the two production plant oil to build the South beam "red, green, South South beam beam beam, harmonious south south beam demonstration" as the overall objective, adhere to the fine management, scientific development, continue to build a model of oilfield production stable and prominent old Nii two points, the fine reservoir development and production organization and management and constantly improve the management level of oil field development, has achieved obvious effect, improve the recovery rate of single well production increase, maintain the overall development level of class I.

  In new wells, in accordance with the "rapid response, stable operation, dynamic monitoring, parameter optimization of production ideas, this area built as the starting point of Nii reservoir. He actively practice the three-dimensional development concept, in accordance with the South beam of 500 thousand tons of development planning, strengthen the reservoir accumulation regularity, grasp the oil-water distribution, reservoir to further expand the scale, with "six" as a guide, refine the technical measures and innovative management measures, deepening and industrialized operation mode of Dajing plexus, actively promote the pilot area construction at 86. The capacity building speed and efficiency, so far this year, the operation area of wells "Tim" of 173, the cumulative oil production 42 thousand and 600 tons.

  In the safety and environmental protection, two production plants follow both to oilfield development, development principles and beautiful scenery ", is committed to" green ecological "development and construction, do the oilfield development and protecting the environment, ecological construction and environmental protection in the region of responsibility to implement the" three wastes "treatment, clean production, energy conservation and other models make a fuss. Oilfield actively build a resource-saving and environment-friendly, intrinsically safe type.

  Especially in the support of the local development, through the South beam oil will in the development of oil field drilling and oil testing, workover and drilling, drilling water, road maintenance, construction site standardization wells care after outsourcing, providing more than 1000 jobs for the local people, in annual per capita income of 40 thousand yuan, the masses do not come at home will be able to find work, the farmers, workers, Gu Jiasan not to delay.

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